ESky E Big Lama (G) Co-Axial Helicopter. White/Blue The Largest Co- Axial Helicopter by ESky – much larger than Lama V3! Instruction Manual. View and Download E sky Lama V3 manual online. Lama V3 Toy pdf manual download. This is the new Big Lama by Esky. concerned about the first readjustment to the RX Gyro Gain pot and Gain pot mentioned in the instructions.

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Balr14 Cranky old fart.

Warranty This product is covered by our limited warranty policy. The Big Lama is completely factory assembled and ready to fly once the battery is charged. Thats no fun at all. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I do not recomment glueing or taping direct drive propellers, that will not work. When done then mwnual in the new channel the RX ssky always have to bind the RX when using a new channel.

I think it’s updated version on lama v4, i would recommend all of you to buy this, i live in little city, but still bought the 2. Apr 16, Hi Eric, Great site, just discovered while surfing for better info on understanding and binding my HK-6X transmitter to new 8R rx. Its not working or doesnt pick up on my laptop. Alzrc sport pro helicopter kits super combo biggest online shopping for aerial drones and helicopter hobbies.


Return laama Coaxial Helicopters. N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 are model channels to use. Anybody have any ideas? At 64 my learning curve has slowed WWWWaaaaaayyyyyy down. MoTheGSep 14, Can be lots of fun 2. Remember Me Forgot Password?

Nice heli, but that antenna! Check manual for that. I thought a different perspective might show others that both hover very easily.

Telecharger les versets sataniques salman rushdie pdf links. I’m weary of buying canopy shoring kits just for the tubing connectors. They are easy and inexpensive to get also they can be fixed. This huge heli ssky a total nother world. Getting of the ground to slow can cause mega drift to.

Esky e lama parts esky ee beltcp parts. Of channel miracle mart toys v parts heli drone car accessories tools clearence drone equipment boat fidget spinner helicopters planes planes parts. Lamx now have the set as n1 and the as n2. Another problem are the skids: If the heli is not centered, adjust the proportional gain until steady as possible. Below 3ft your heli will encounter tremendous wake aka rotor wash.

I would ask all coaxial fans to email walkera at heli walkera. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. With this done i had a ball flying this outstanding helicopter in the light sea winds in the west of Ireland. You are commenting using your WordPress. Heli Very Very Good review.

E SKY LAMA V3 MANUAL Pdf Download.

Its designed to lift heavy wieght and since the heli has total control over its upper rotor compared to traditional coaxials I would say its much more ideal for outdoor flying. The only advantage a coax has over a size single rotor heli is stability. Just make your hours on the SIM. When you power the tx off and on it will start up in N2. This can become a serious mesh in only a few seconds!


I saw one video in particular where mid-air blade strikes were occurring if the operator is not easy on the controls.

E Sky Lama V3 Manual

It is important before you go outside to lam sure your hover is as stable as possible. So just look online for a good copy of FMS which will be free to download. They are for more inside, but i guess a beginner that wants to learn and still wants to fly outside a little bit would be good for this heli. Also check if channel to is the heli mode with Ccpm mixing. We provide for you about ek2 a manual page 1.

If we club together we can all win in the end and get for once and for all a excellent size coaxial helicopter for all R. And congratulations with being the owner of Big Lama.