Execution has ratings and reviews. Al said: Execution: The discipline of Getting Things Done: Larry Bossidy and Ram CharanCentral Truths. Execution. The Discipline of Getting Things Done. Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. Hardcover: pages. Publisher: Crown Business; 1. Execution (with Ram Charan). Political party, Republican. Spouse(s), Nancy (m. ). Children, 9. Lawrence Arthur “Larry” Bossidy (born March 5, ) is an American author and retired.

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This smart and pithy book focuses on a simple though vexing challenge: People Evaluation — Who are the people wxecution are going to execute that strategy, and can they do it? I can look back in my career and endeavors and see a string of poor execution.

It is a good thing to view the world of work from the top level instead of the trenches. These concepts are easy to talk about, and even easier to understand, but hard to practice in real life. No one can solve every problem, but if you tolerate excuses, the people who work for you will get into the habit of making excuses, instead of taking responsibility and looking for creative solutions.

Most of the book was about setting expectations and following through by holding people accountable.

Execution by Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, Charles Burck | : Books

Eecution is a lot of emphasis on scrutinizing the business plans of underlings and driving out the specific actions to see if they have actually thought about it or just made up numbers to meet their performance objectives. A good strategic plan is a set of directions you want to take. A few interesting and helpful suggestions, but for the most part it was a lot of verbiage executuon much actionable content. The Discipline of Getting Things Done eexcution well written and gives sound, practical advice about how to make things happen.


When leader discusses business and organizational issues in a group setting, everybody learns. Some business books are thoughtful; others make me really dislike business culture in general. Languages Deutsch Edit links. Similaryly, in an organization the hardware strategy and structure is inert without the software beliefs and behaviors. Once the right executio and strategy are in place, they are then linked to an operating process that results in the implementation of specific programs and actions and that assigns accountability.

It is well worth the reading. But now everything moves much faster, and Wall Street measures success in quarters, not years.

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

Putting an execution culture in place is hard, but losing it is easy. Far more important is whether the individuals can handle the jobs of tomorrow Last paragraph on Pg.

In fact, execufion was my word for The culture of a company is the behavior of its leaders.

I suspect this made the top 20 best-ever booklist that led me to it on the basis that the title sounds good, like something a knowledgeable business person should advocate. Tends to get repetitive and loses its luster as it moves ahead. It’s rare to find a book like this that blends smart practice with intelligent articulation of how to get things done.

Execution By rcadmin Published: The book All along I’ve taken pride that I’m an “ideas guy”. People then obssidy together to create a strategy building block by building block, a strategy in sync with the realities of the marketplace, the economy, and bossiddy competition.

Lawrence Bossidy – Wikipedia

Some business books are thoughtful; others make me really dislike business cultu What a completely over-rated book. To do point 1 above, make sure you hire good people that are entitled to get things done. Then come up short, you provide additional coaching, withdraw rewards, give them other jobs, or let them go. I desire a personal culture or execution and therefore will continue to reference this book. One of his most important jobs at General Electric was as chief operating officer of General Electric Credit Corporation [5] from to When he gets behind an idea, he lights up a room,” says Welch.


HR person must be well trained in the craft: Why do you think it has taken so long for execution to be seen as a critical management issue? As to its subject matter: Ram and I believe that most people really want to improve their performance, and are open to being coached.

It’s not you, it’s me. Everyone gains from the dialogue.

Set clear goals and priorities 4. They consistently ask the right questions: Nothing is more important than people, candid dialogue leads to realistic plans, following up is crucial in implementation of a strategy. The idea that many people intellectualize, philosophize and cannot actually implement or execute is so very true, I have seen it over and over again in my career.

This kind of effective operating process goes way beyond executio typical budget exercise that looks into a rearview mirror to set its goals. Speak simply and directly. A leader just does not sign off on a plan.

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan offer a compelling leadership prescription, and it comes down to realism, discipline, and above all, great lary. Archived October 30,at the Wayback Lsrry.

I learned a lot of things from Bossidy and Charan, specially that execution is not something you delegate, it is the direct responsibility of the leader.