Android Lollipop

Written by sven. Posted in features

Now it’s offi­cial: Yes­ter­day Google unveiled that »Android L« becomes »Android Lol­lipop« aka »Android 5«. I am already look­ing for­ward to it arriv­ing on my Nexus 5 and (hope­ful­ly) Nexus 10. Prob­a­bly the biggest visu­al change of Lol­lipop is the new mate­r­i­al design which looks real­ly awe­some.

As most of you know I am already work­ing on mate­r­i­al design sup­port in uPod and I am con­fi­dent to release it until the end of this year. Most of the design changes will also be avail­able on Android 4.x — but this’ll depend on Google’s com­pat­i­bil­i­ty sup­port. I will know more about this tomor­row when Google releas­es the new soft­ward devel­op­ment kit (SDK).

Stay tuned!