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Written by sven. Posted in features

Until now after instal­la­tion uPod was an emp­ty space. You need­ed to man­u­al­ly add pod­casts by URL or by import­ing OPMLs. This is a high bar­ri­er for users try­ing out pod­casts for the first time or even for those who know every­thing about pod­casts but just want to quick­ly try­out uPod as an alter­na­tive to their cur­rent pod­cast play­er.

Ver­sion 1.2 — which is cur­rent­ly in beta phase — fix­es this prob­lem by pro­vid­ing some new pod­cast dis­cov­ery fea­tures: You can now browse pop­u­lar pod­casts by cat­e­go­ry or search for pod­casts. Both fea­tures require you to select your pre­ferred pod­cast language(s), so that they can pro­vide rel­e­vant results for you.

The tablet screen­shot below shows the pop­u­lar pod­cast list. To nar­row the results you can pick a cat­e­go­ry by tap­ping the view’s title in the upper left.

The phone screen­shot shows the pod­cast search results. Sim­ply enter one or more search terms and they will be matched against the pod­cast titles, key­words, descrip­tions and authors. So if you know a part of the name of your favorite pod­cast sim­ply enter it and eas­i­ly sub­scribe to it. Or do you want to see a list of all pod­casts cre­at­ed by your favorite pod­cast­er? No prob­lem.

As men­tioned above this fea­ture was intend­ed for new users, but in the end I was sur­prised how many inter­est­ing new pod­casts I have found this way. So give it a try.

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