Thank you and goodbye

After more than five exciting years it's time to say "Goodbye".

The uPod servers will be shut down by the end of 2018.

The main reason for this hard decision is, that uPod never got the traction I wanted it to have. But also other reasons played an important role:

If you like uPod and if you are an Android and Scala developer you might want to continue to develop and maintain uPod. To make this possible I've published its source code on github.

Unfortunately I cannot provide you any suggestion for a good replacement of uPod on Android, as I don't know about another podcast player implementing the inbox workfow. But if you are switching to iOS I can strongly recommend Castro — though I don't like there subscription based payment model, the app itself is supberb and implements the inbox workflow in the best possible way.

I thank all of you for your trust in uPod and your continuos feedback over the years.

Sven Wiegand
Berlin, November 2018