Written by sven. Posted in features

Start­ing with the next release (which is com­ing very soon) uPod will only sup­port Eng­lish and Ger­man lan­guage — the two trans­la­tions I can main­tain on my own. It wasn’t an easy desci­sion to dis­miss the Pol­ish and Rus­sion trans­la­tion espe­cial­ly because the two main­tain­ers of these lan­guages have invest­ed quite some time and have done a great job, but from my point of view it was nec­es­sary. These are the rea­sons:

  1. The sev­er­al lan­guages made me slow as I need­ed to wait for the trans­la­tions to be fin­ished before being able to pub­lish a new release. Both trans­la­tors were quite fast, but this still meant one to five days delay.
  2. Pro­vid­ing sup­port for Russ­ian and Pol­ish users wasn’t always easy, as they used the Russ­ian and Pol­ish action names in their requests which I couldn’t map to any­thing I know.
  3. The trans­la­tion ser­vice I’ve used (Crowdin) is too expen­sive for such small projects like uPod and has recent­ly fur­ther increased it’s price. I need­ed to sell a lot of licens­es each month just to get this ser­vice paid. And then I need to sell much more to get the serv­er bills paid. At the moment uPod costs me quite some mon­ey and I want­ed to reduce the costs.

I am real­ly sor­ry for those of you how invest­ed time into the trans­la­tions and for those of you who got used to them. But I am hap­py to be more agile again :-)