uPod’s trial model

Written by sven. Posted in features

No doubt: uPod is a com­mer­cial app and was always planned as such. I know that talk­ing about licens­ing and pric­ing isn’t a pop­u­lar issue. But I think trans­paren­cy is always a good solu­tion. So first things first: The uPod license will start at a price of EUR 3.29.

But besides the price the ques­tion for com­mer­cial apps is always: How to pro­vide the users a chance to try­out the app before pur­chas­ing it. Some providers sim­ply don’t care about and only pro­vide the paid ver­sion — so you as the pay­ing cus­tomer have fif­teen min­utes to check whether the app does what it promis­es and get the mon­ey back oth­er­wise. Not much for a com­plex app like a pod­cast play­er, right? Oth­er ven­dors work with fixed time tri­al peri­ods which are bet­ter but also have their draw­backs: Bought the app, but got sick? Tri­al peri­od is over :-(

That’s why I’ve cho­sen anoth­er approach: uPod pro­vides you a play­back con­tin­gent of four hours per cal­en­dar month. So you can try out the full func­tion­al­i­ty and are only lim­it­ed in play­back time. If you do not start play­back, you can con­tin­ue to try. When you’ve exhaust­ed your con­tin­gent every­thing like the sync, the playlist arrange­ment, etc. con­tin­u­ous to work — you only can­not play­back until you either pur­chase the license or the next month starts.

Though this is main­ly meant for try­ing out the app before pur­chas­ing it, this month­ly con­tin­gent will also be suf­fi­cient for many occa­sion­al users.