Video playback

Written by sven. Posted in features

Aaaand Action! Now uPod also provides support for video podcasts. It brings a carefully designed portrait and landscape video view. In landscape orientation uPod uses every single pixel of your screen to provide you the best watching experience — on devices with on screen navigation buttons (home, back, etc.) even those are hidden. If you want you can also only listen to your video podcast — simply leave the playback view or turn off the screen and the audio will continue to play.

In this context I’ve also redesigned the audio playback views to look more modern and better utilize the available screen space. I am still not happy with the views on 10″ tablets as there is a lot of free space, but I like them very much on the phone.

Here are some screenshots:
Video playback in portrait orientationVideo playback in landscape orientation
Audio playback in portrait orientationAudio playback in landscape orientation