Firm Description. Log in or Register to enter information about this firm. Projects. National Museum of African American History and Culture. Washington, DC. From translating historic iron latticework into a digitally-produced façade to ensuring LEED certification, Phil Freelon played a pivotal, and. Architect / United States / The Freelon Group, Architects. Philip G. Freelon founded The Freelon Group in Over the past 21 years, the .

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MIT School of Architecture + Planning

He uses stories to ground each work: I feel very fortunate that Phil is once again a member of the MIT community. Dozens of study models line bookshelves in the cavernous space; plans for in-progress projects are tacked up on the walls, and a tidy library of material samples tucked in the back.

That gives you a platform to meet. On the Motown Museum: He started with the Freelon Group in as a business development consultant and later joined the firm full-time to become the head of marketing and a shareholder.

Built into its sloping site, the two-story glass structure features a soaring atrium, custom metal benches, and a polished red-and-black terrazzo floor.

Phil Freelon on Engaging with Black History Through Architecture | Features | Archinect

Take his recent renovation of Emancipation Parkan He was speaking on a panel about diversity in architecture. InFreelon won his next big commission, the Harvey B.

Gordy moved Motown to Los Angeles, Esther kept up the house and became the keeper of the flame and the gowns and the artifacts and so it became a sort of Mom and Pop museum based right there in the Hitsville house. What encompasses his leadership style and his design style is really trying to unite different people and different mind-sets as they come to create one vision.


Lewis Museumin Baltimore. They were working on a plan to renovate, add to and build the Motown Museum so we went out and showed what we have done in other places and her vision Phil built an attitude. The airy, energy-efficient building is wrapped around a central courtyard, which offers people who use architecf building a calm area to use while they wait for their appointments, and helps keep daylight aechitect the sprawling ,square-foot structure.

Philip Freelon

Punk Graphics, — by Andrew Blauvelt Publisher: He’s also responsible for the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco and Emancipation Park in Houston, which was built on land purchased in by four formerly-enslaved men. Freelon eventually won the commission in Freelon was born and raised in Philadelphia and his family—which included artists and educators—fueled his creativity and his social perspective.

After he was diagnosed with ALS in earlyhe founded the Freelon Foundation to help raise awareness and research funding to help combat the disease. Nicholas Korody Writer and fake architect, among other feints. Because the good-old-boy network is that people do business with people they architecy. Profile Book List Current Reading. Perhaps detaip day, one of the eager fifth graders he spoke to that cloudy February day will be among them.

Inside, a vibrant vermillion interior wall becomes a multi-story sculptural feature that wraps dreelon a dramatic staircase. So I happen to think about that balance. Urban Design Designers Commentators Books. The city experienced a growth spurt in the first half of the 20th century, and many of its downtown buildings—including the one where Freelon and his wife resided for decades—were constructed during the Art Deco era.


The inspiration for the design of feelon Anacostia Library comes from the scale of the adjacent residential context.

About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. Explores the printed matter—posters, flyers, zines, and album covers—produced by and for the punk and post-punk music scenes in the United States and UK.

By Diana Budds long Defail. Freelon founded The Freelon Group in As a rule, every time a parent cold-calls his office and says their son or daughter is interested in architecture and wants to learn more—which happens a few times every year—Freelon always invites them to his office. In earlyFreelon was diagnosed with ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease, and the diagnosis has thrown his impact on the profession—and the designers around him—into sharper relief.

On the similarities detajl today: He took a monthlong vacation last year, but when he got back to work, he was more energized than ever. Freelon, who is 65, speaks softly with a slight southern twang. Mine fgeelon fingerprints all over them and the decals were bent and crooked.

Due to the many requests we received, it is going to be reprinted.

Freelon invited her to visit his practice and eventually hired her. With two under his belt, Freelon was automatically on the radar of anyone else who was considering one. Jobs Talent Finder Active Employers. Cranbrook Art Museum Published: