How We Advertised America [George Creel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is A New Release Of The Original Edition. How we advertised America; the first telling of the amazing story of the Committee on the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe, by George Creel. From George Creel, How We Advertised America (Macmillan, ), pp. [ Journalist George Creel, who oversaw the Committee on Public Information during.

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And there are several well- established instances where the immense power of the censor has fallen into the control of intriguing cliques.

George Creel, How We Advertised America,

I wrote a letter to Mr. Write a customer review. In accordance with your verbal instructions, I had an interview with Mr.

These engines and bodies that you see before you are not battle- ‘planes. These things form our bow it is our disposition to think of the war as a great conflict of physical forces in which the best mechanic won, and in which the nation that was strongest in material things, which had the largest accumulation of wealth and the greatest power of concentrating its industrial factors, was the victorious nation.

The protection of information belonging to friendly countries is most important. Here are the facts: To be sure, many of these men were Republicans, but that did not matter. Another Congressman, Knutson of Minnesota, charged that the pamphlets issued by the Committee were Demo- cratic doctrines from cover to cover. A voluntary censorship agreement safeguarded mili- tary information of obvious value to the enemy, but in all else the rights of the press were recognized and furthered.

Senator Penrose, an ancient enemy, rose joyfully to take advantage of the opportunity for a display of scurvy partizanship. Burleson, naturally enough, was not wdvertised to find any records on the subject, inasmuch as the Committee had never sent a single pamphlet of any kind to any member of the American Expeditionary Force.

The Four Minute Men, an organization that will live in history by reason of its originality and effectiveness, commanded the volunteer services of 75, speakers, operating in 5, communities, and making a total ofspeeches, every one having the carry of shrapnel. Several pieces of timber, quan- tities of oil, bubbles, and debris came to the surface.


It was one of those arrant, incredible stupidities for which there is no excuse. The clamor refused to be stilled, however, and Mr. It is interesting as showing how painstaking hands can fashion a lie ho of whole cloth.

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This must be clearly differentiated from the problem of keeping dangerous news from the enemy. I have given my thought so wholly to the service of this war that I have, perhaps, been careless in the matter of guarding every word of my utterances against the possibility of miscon- struction.

Sisson, and I presented ourselves for ques- tioning and full examination. They missed them all, but it was close squeaking all right. These figures might well be put in bronze to stand as an enduring monument to the sacrifice and devotion of the one hundred and fifty thousand men and women who were responsible for the results. The Associated Press released the news from its New York office. Some thirty-odd booklets, covering every phase of America’s ideals, purposes, and aims, were printed in many languages other than English.

It was sort of bad that night because the destroyers didn’t meet up with the fleet until the morning.

It organized and directed twenty-three societies and leagues designed to appeal to certain classes and particular foreign-language groups, each body carrying a specific message of unity and enthusiasm to its section of America’s adopted peoples. It was not that I denied the need of some sort geogre censorship, but deep in my heart was the feeling that the desired results could be obtained without paying the price that a formal advertiser would have demanded.

How we advertised America

The message sent as private meaning that it was not intended for publication thereby evading the censorship! I accordingly requested an interview with the Commander- in-Chief and also permission to bring with me Mr. There were, too, series of illustrated articles on our education, our trade and in- dustry, our finance, our labor conditions, our religions, our work in medicine, our agriculture, our women’s work, our government, and our ideals.

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Other wars went no deeper than the physical aspects, but German Kultur raised issues that had to be fought out in the hearts and minds of people as well as on the actual firing-line. I think it was sent out by George Now.

The trial of strength was not only wdvertised massed bodies of armed men, but between op- posed ideals, and moral verdicts took on all the value of military decisions. With regard to the closing of the port of New York, this was done by order of the port commandant. Creel has endeavored to patriotically do his duty at the head of this bureau.

This condition of chaos endured for weeks for it was not until August 21st that the President found power to turn the records of the Committee over to the Council of National Defense and it is only to-day that a final accounting to the people is able to be made.

Most delightful contribution of all was this report that the Associated Press itself sent out: Janet Yoe marked it as to-read Jan 17, I was always inclined to give Senator Adevrtised the benefit of the doubt, crediting him with ignorance rather than dishonesty.

America got his information were aware of the fact that the Secretary had given out a statement. In the forenoon of June 28th, when in latitude N.

Newspaper men, it must be remembered, were holding peace-time jobs while others sacrificed or fought. An exceedingly dull man and a very vain one deadly combination his vanity fosters his igno- rance by persistent refusal to confess it.