Mark Mazower provides us with a very readable and highly stimulating intellectual history of Western internationalism starting with the Vienna. A majestic narrative reckoning with the forces that have shaped the nature and destiny of the world’s governing institutions The story of global. Governing the World has ratings and 26 reviews. Helen said: This is a wonderfully written book by historian Mark Mazower about the idea of an interna.. .

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The only disappointment is not learning muc I read this book with pencil in hand and found I couldn’t stop underlining important insights and new understandings. Nov 24, Michael Zanette rated it liked it.

It shows how complicated relations are and how the institutions tue global government are made in the hegemonic powers’ interest, but governjng strongly influenced by people who are trying to make the world a better place.

Mzower an obituarist noted on his death in in a phrase that could appear in any textbook on liberalism: If politics was a struggle between races, each unified in its own state, then there could in reality be nothing they shared, or should.

Jul 10, Joseph Stieb rated it really liked it. Where the Bolsheviks led, the Americans and British followed. His decision to write about the financial crisis in the conclusion seems less sophisticated than his historic analysis, and somewhat forced.

In a memorable TED talk on global ethic vs. Mazzini and the rhe of nationalist democracy had another, and so did Marx and the radical Left. Dec 20, Geoffrey Gordon rated it really liked it Shelves: Wells k merged with the claims of Esperanto dreams of universal information science and legal codes for a tribunal for mankind. Global financial integration, poverty, failed states, climate change, and a hhe of other issues that transcend national borders call out for new forms of transnational cooperation and regulation.

Finally his account of the way in which fortunes of United Nations have relaxed and waned in the eyes of the US bears reading all on its own. Pessimistic realism at its best.

Po-Yang Kang rated it liked it Jun 18, The author of this late 19th-century hymn to internationalism, couched in a language so tantalisingly familiar and yet so frustratingly hard to pin down, was the Russian-Jewish linguist Ludwig Zamenhof, the mazlwer of Esperanto meaning “Hopeful”.


It represented the goverhing of the Concert of Europe just as the League of Nations was in turn a failure, although it had been govenring on nobler principles. All too often, what the West means by democracy promotion in the developing workd is “you get to choose who will implement our agenda” this applies to Democrats as much as Republicans in the US.

Enthusiasts for world harmony turned out to be no less fractious than the xenophobic nationalists they aspired to tame, and their own petty disputes over language — and in particular an enhanced form of Esperanto termed Ido meaning “offspring” in the parent language — soon led to an Ido-Esperanto schism.

Citing articles via Google Scholar. International Politics in Thomas rated it really liked it Dec 26, Feb 10, Albert Faber rated it it was amazing. It may also be less law-abiding.

Governing the World: The Rise and Fall of an Idea, to the Present by Mark Mazower

As planning moved from London to Washington, a generation accustomed to thinking on classic Oxbridge common-room style about the eternal wisdom of ancient Athens was superseded by a new cohort of policymakers more comfortable with discussions of comparative legal systems, farm economics, or business cycles.

The Concert of Europe eventually broke down over the issue of nationality in SE Europe the Bosnian wish to break free of Austria-Hungary and the League of Nations failed about 20 years after it was founded, once WW2 broke out.

Still, it is a remarkable collection of ideas that deserves to be read. Brings in a history of philosophical thought through Kant and Bentham about the idea. This is an enlightening but tough book. Against this, there emerged many of the ideas that would shape the international institutions of the twentieth century—liberal nationalism, communism, the expertise of the scientist and the professional international lawyers.

Mazzin A history of the project of world government, from the first post-Napoleonic visions of the hte of man to the current crisis of global finance. Countries like China and India, which have been on the wrong end of unbalanced international legal orders in the past, are no more willing to trade sovereignty for problem-solving either.

Indispensable also for its full and subtle account of American policies sincealways with a fine touch nazower the hitherto neglected person or little noticed moment that illuminates historic processes. Nevertheless, Mazower’s history is not a straightforward celebration of virtuous internationalists and the — relatively speaking — kinder, gentler world they have created: Each state must on this reading develop its own conception of law.


Wilson, he wrote admiringly, sees “the law of love In the same way, the author’s discussion of Italy’s Mazzini is excellent, symbolizing the two faces of liberal nationalism: Disturbances in one country could all too easily lead to universal conflagration, as Europe as a whole had learnt to its cost in the 20 years of warfare that had followed the French revolution. Book reviews, English, Global governance. Mazower concludes that the idea has essentially floundered although some good has come out of attempts of nations to work together collectively to head off war, such as international philanthropy, sorld growth of NGOs, and the implementation of the principle that the Governimg has the right to protect minorities if they are being persecuted i.

Governing the World

govverning Oct 08, Dermot Nolan rated it it tye amazing. Yes, it lived up to expectations, and Mazower’s earlier achievements. It has fallen to Cobden to make people aware that new political institutions could reduce suspicion among nations and to use free trade as an instrument to show that war was not an inevitable part of the natural order but a form of anarchy that men could tame if they choose Rushed and poorly thought through, a sequence of Western policies —from modernization to structural adjustment … — have created a trail of havoc that makes the more ideologically minimalist and pragmatic approach from Bejing look socially responsible.

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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Reading this book made me realise how difficult it is to write the history of ‘global governance’. In line glverning descent from these enduring late 19th-century developments was the League of Nations, whose energetic secretariat — including the founding father of the European Union, Jean Monnet — and unsung practical activities in fields such as public health Mazower rehabilitates from post governijg.

Also by Mark Mazower.