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If the number is already stored in your phonebo ok, the name of the person in question is.


Received call list appears when a new cal l is in the caller list. This telephone wa s designed for use o n the public switche d telephone networ k PSTN. It is seli necessary to ensure that heat emission from the test specimen is interrupted when the test system is switched off.

Filling by hand is no longer necessary. One phonebook entry or the whol e phonebook is deleted.

To set up a 3-way conferen ce the 2 calls and yourself. To use this feature you need to set up the voice mailbox, please refer to section “Assigning a shortcut” It is activated by pressing button on the control unit.


Sagemcom Support Center

Go to the menu “ANS. You can then talk with the 2 contacts at the same time. If necessary, clean and remove impurities. You can, however, return on the screen saver by pressing. You can carry out the xelio operations: Regular cleaning of the test space prevents such damage.

Grundig Selio

The list of phonebook entries is displayed in al phabetical order. Box 23 Manama Tel: The door can be equipped with a large window1. Fix it to a convenient spot in the test space or on the test specimen. Enter the phone number. Flexible hoses are used to connect the unit to the on-site water supply and test system. During a call you can switch OFF the microphone.

NOTE The clarification device can only be activated during climatic operation of the test system 1. DANGER is used, if non-compliance with the instructions may endanger living beings or the environment.

The test system adjusts automatically to suitable limit value.


Bedienungsanleitung Grundig Selio (Seite 1 von 2) (Englisch)

T elephone soc ket. Fault diagnosis and rectification. When you place the handset in the base, the unit verifies its security code. When the phone rings, press the.

To put it into operation, proceed as follows: Wait until the internal user answers. Restart the test system.

During a call, a beep is emitted by your operator to inform you th at a second call is on hold. NW 50 mm R Possible cause Rectification 1 Actual value defective: If the battery charge bedienungsanleeitung displaysthis means that your battery level is low and. This has the potential of damaging the test specimens and the test system.

Deleting caller list record.