Hamam is a brand of soap made in India and marketed by the Indian unit of Unilever. The brand was previously owned by Tata Sons. The name comes from the. Relaunching the brand Hamam in urban & rural markets. Hamam is a natural soap it was more of a natural soap than herbal Hamam Sample Work – Lush “Hope Soap” advertising proposal (student project). Ready to download MBA project reports in Finance, Banking, Human Resource HR, Marketing and many more.

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From the table it is inferred that the If yes describe what ……………………………………………………………………………………… 25 Do you have any suggestions? A structured questionnaire is used to collect the primary data.

They demand for affordable price for product and good schemes with purchasing.

Lever Brothers Margarine Unie W. From Wikipedia, the hsmam encyclopedia. Customer satisfaction is defined as “the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services exceeds specified satisfaction goals. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history. Eugene Anderson reported in the study: Organizations need to retain existing customers while targeting non- customers.

Thomas Jones and Earl Sasser Jr. It has woap withdrawn from the market due to regular Hamam’s strong presence and lower sales numbers in the Nalangumavu variants. The range of products includes beauty soaps, shower gels, bath additives, oroject shampoos and conditioners. The company has to give some discounts or offers at the time of special occasions i. From this study its finding revealed that majority of the respondents belongs to teenage group. The Kano model offers some insight into the product attributes which are perceived to be important to customers.


It can be, and often is, measured along various dimensions. Lux is a generic brand widely used by all segment of society, so company should consider all segment of society while launching hamsm different types of product. Unilever brands Indian soap brands Brand name products stubs.

Today, Lux products are manufactured at 71 locations with more than suppliers and associates providing the raw materials. It is said to be pure and safe on the skin. Customer’s behaviour always looks for some extra benefit with purchasing. The state of satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviors such as return and recommend rate. The percentage method is used for comparing certain features.

Retrieved from ” https: According to Herrmann et al. It is the record of our original work done under the supervision and guidance of Ms. Customer satisfaction is a term frequently used in marketing. Utilitarian benefits of a product are associated with the more instrumental and functional attributes of the product. The brand was founded by the Lever Brothers in and now known as Unilever. As research on consumption experiences grows, evidence suggests that consumers purchase goods and services for a combination of two types of benefits: We take this opportunity to hammam my thanks to Dr.

They expect the company to provide the product at a lower price. Lux believes beauty does not have to be a chorc and brings a combination of fun, pleasure and comfort to women’s beauty routines all over the world. Retrieved 21 February You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This study is on attempt to analyze the problems faced by the consumer of hamwm product.


If more than 3 mention in numbers a 1 b 2 c 3 d Others………. Subsequently, Lux soap has been marketed in several forms, including hand wash, shower gel and cream bath soap. We extend my thanks and indebtedness to Dr.

ROYAL Projects: Project on Hamam Soap

Between andHamam launched Hamam Nalangumavu soap. Ritva Sotamaa Product Variants: As of the yearLux has a recorded profit of crores. In particular, the findings imply a 1 percent increase in customer satisfaction should be associated with a 0. Hindustan Unilever company website. You can tick more than one option a Lotus and cream purple b Sandal c Strawberry d Peach 21 What is the maximum price you spend on basic sized bath soap?

The usual measures of customer satisfaction involve a survey.

The study is confined to the city of Coimbatore only considering the consumers of effect of Lux soap. From the table it is inferred that Although the literature on consumer satisfaction is accumulating, the stream of research is still in the development stage, hence is highly inconsistent and fragmented.

You can tick more than one option? We would also like to thanks Ms.

Hamam (soap)

It is the vision of Lux soap to give woman that million dollar feelings every time they use the Lux product be it one of their fragrant beauty soaps or refreshing body washes.

Hanam importance of customer satisfaction diminishes when a firm has increased bargaining power. Last but not least, we express our warmth filled thanks to my guide Ms.

Marketing research-customer satisfaction towards Lux soap.