The Hierophant biotitan is an immense, hideous creature, towering over the A brood of Hierophants are likely to be at the forefront of a major Tyranid attack. Buy Forge World 40k Models Tyranid Hierophant Bio Titan By Lude W.i.g: Action Figures – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Hierophant is the Tyranids’ largest shock trooper, armed with monstrous Bio- Cannons, multiple claws and razor-sharp blades, and.

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It’s damn hard to kill, too, having 10 wounds, toughness 9, and can regenerate and get a wound back by rolling a 6, and it gets to roll a six for every remaining wound it has.

The Hierophant is the Tyranid Hive Mind ‘s largest bioform adapted for shock assault tactics, and it is armed with powerful Bio-Cannons, multiple claws and razor-sharp blades. Obviously in the case of Tyranids exact classifications are a bit more fluid than with other races.

The Hierophant is a Forge World -only fuckhuge Tyranid biotitan which is a fucking engine of destruction. Hierophanf course, unless its weight is mitigated hierophang psychic hijinks or it being filled with helium or better yet, a considerable vacuumthere’s no explanation for how a ton creature on FOUR POINTED LEGS doesn’t sink balls-deep into the ground the moment it makes planetfall.

In what respect is that not ‘official’? Views Read Edit View history. You wanna use this against big crowds.

Is there a reason you think this is a named tyranid? Appropriate measures should be taken.

It’s extremely durable, throws out more attacks per turn than any single model – besides a CSM model that gets lucky a demon weapon, a Dreadnaught with blood talons since it can more attacks, and An’ggrath if rolls lots of 6s – and packs two S10 biocannons, which are sadly only AP3.

The Hierophant Tyranicus giganticus is the most commonly deployed strain of Tyranid Bio-Titanthe organic equivalent of the massive war engines often called Titans that are employed by the Imperium of Man and the other intelligent starfaring species of the Milky Way Galaxy. Furthermore it would be a rat compared to the Blue Whale. The supportive structure is likely a porous, hard and regenerative supporting material with a dense bone-core and plated chitin armor, segmented like an insect.


However it is now owned by Games Workshop so anything they do is completely ‘official’, Indeed in the past few years there has been a lot more emphasis on HH references in 40k as well as much greater use of large vehicles and flyers etc in the ore 40k rules. Whatever, the stats are pretty much the same, but the AP is now -2 and the Damage is 2D6. Although it was extremely expensive, it always pulled its weight. Post as a guest Name. A brood of Hierophants are likely to be at the forefront of a major Tyranid planetary assault — striding forward, drawing the enemy’s heavy weapons fire away from the lesser Tyranid species, absorbing tremendous amounts of firepower before smashing into the enemy line with devastating force.

Forge world was originally a 3rd party model maker which also produced some of its own rules as add-ons to the official 40k system particularity really big models and Horus Heresy stuff. I swear that’s not an official depiction of a hierophant though, just from forge world. It’s only BS3, but with that many shots it’s not going to matter.

It’s an Epic scale Hierophant Bio-Titan.

character identification – What kind of tyranid is this? – Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

From rends in its armour plates and body tyrani Hierophant constantly exudes a cloud of highly toxic poisonous spores. Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Community Forum Discord Server. Bio-Plasma Torret is pretty much a Flamer with 2D6 hits. While for the giant sauropods high speed movement hieropbant be next to impossible and so much as tipping over would likely be fatal. Gargoyle – Genestealer – Hormagaunt – Ripper – Termagaunt.


Home Questions Tags Users Hhierophant. The Hierophant biotitan is an immense, hideous creature, towering over the battlefield and bristling with spines, tendrils and symbiote weapons. This article is about the Tyranid bio-form ; for the Ecclesiarchy positionsee Hierophant Inquisition.

A bruthakayosaurus may be bigger but it’s more fragile, slower, and would have had to spend a great deal of its day doing nothing but eating to sustain itself while the Hierophant can run around at high speeds over the course of a Hive fleet’s assault on a targeted planet. Instead of being a huge brick like a Carnifex, the Heirophant is probably light for its size, armored and structured in a self-supporting way to enable enable it to suffer broken bones and split armor without being killed before it can perform its mission.


Meanwhile, the Heirophant is noted to be extremely fast easily capable of outrunning people with jetpacks tyraid shrugs off tank shells like annoying gnats and can easily get into high speed rough and tumble melee fights with Titans and Stompas so even with Forgeworld’s rather low weight estimations, the Hierophant is already a very much impossible beast thanks to its sheer agility being far faster to react and move and substantially more agile than most smaller animals and its incredible resilience.

Retrieved from ” https: Like all Tyranid biomorphs, the Bio-Titan seems to be able to mutate hieroohant genome rapidly, evolving new organic weapons and defences. These venomous and highly acidic creatures impact upon the target, splattering gobbets of bio-acid and poison that melt through PlasteelFerrocreteflesh and bone in seconds, reducing the unfortunate victim to a steaming pile of bubbling goo. Other hieroohant of Hierophants include symbiote weapon variations such as Scything Claws and Cluster Spines.

Email Required, but never shown.

Hierophant – 1d4chan

These are lethal to all non-Tyranid ytranid, forming a drifting vapour about the Hierophant that chokes and burns the lungs of anyone without the proper hiwrophant that is brave enough to get close to the monstrous Bio-Titan. As well as the claws and toxic spines which cover its body, the Hierophant is also armed with two Bio-Cannons.

These symbiote weapons are triggered by a massive electro-chemical shock released by the host creature, which causes them to spew forth a hail of corrosive maggot-like organisms. Harpy – Harridan – Hive Crone. Although the Lashwhip Pods only do 2 Damage, you get 3 hit rolls for every Attack. They are amongst the largest bio-creatures yet hiero;hant amongst the swarms of the Tyranid hive fleetscomparable in size and power to an Imperial Titan.

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