Beautifully written, fresh and fascinating at every turn, Honeymoon in Purdah reveals an Iran rarely seen by Westerners. Published by: Deutsches Taschenbuch. Whatever our reasons for setting off on a trip, most of us discover new perspectives and explore our own identities while travelling. We do take ourselves with us. She may not believe in fear, but she’ll permit herself a white lie: her Iranian sojourn is not a honeymoon. She is, in fact, not married to her.

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I did laugh at it being listed with: The weird part is that she kept getting invited to people’s houses driven for hours, staying there for ages without her “husband”; apparently having honfymoon was enough, the people usually didn’t need to see him. This behavior sums up this rising generation and their ways, they want to experience culture but they want it under their terms so did she really get to see Iran? I highly recommend this book, and have loaned my copy to several people so far.

These are the problems I have right now: I for one, would like to hear what her travel companion has to say about all this. Jul 30, Dolores rated it really liked it. Maakt de zin om naar daar te gaan nog groter.

To ask other readers questions about Honeymoon in Purdah honeumoon, please sign up. Item s unavailable for purchase. My chief objection to ‘The Songlines’ is that I never get past the first chapter of kn I’ve been told is a very purdh read, because Chatwin won’t just shut up already about the exact make of his pen, and how his leather-bound journal is just-so, and how he manfully strides his way through the tough, forbidding land of Australia because he is such an amazing guy – blech.

Peppered with accounts of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and political analyses of the country, Honeymoon in Purdah is a departure from our conventional perception of Iran. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it gave me a picture of life in Iran and some of the customs of Islam. The religious yoneymoon a death grip on the minority honeymono many seem to want to escape, who can blame them? How to write a great review.

Another important insight this author shared that has been backed up by other travel writers who have recorded their journeys is the fact that many Iranians despise what their country has become.


I was prepared to dislike these travelers but in the end I admired their gritty sense of adventure.

The one sudden instance of violence goes much farther in reminding the reader that there are reasons why western societies often feel so at odds with the Iranian culture than a whole diatribe of vitriolic writing cataloging injustices both done to and by the Iranian people. She admittedly lost a travel companion on a previous trip because she was too absorbed in a book. She seemed rather brash and a “typical American.

The result is that readers may be left wanting to know more about Wearing herself and the effect the trip had on her.

HONEYMOON IN PURDAH by Alison Wearing | Kirkus Reviews

If you’ve been reading some heavy-hitting books and need to read something a bit lighter, but still very interesting and well-written Although the friends experienced plenty of tense moments over the months they travelled together, the bonds among them grew stronger as they neared Abu Dhabi.

Books by Alison Wearing. Jun 25, Sophia rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Buday concentrates on describing the country, the standard of living, and the people. The travelers were overwhelmed with kindness, int Apparently in post revolutionary Iran it is possible to rely on the kindness of strangers.

In any case, the Iranians depicted in the book are mostly generous and friendly. Posing as husband and wife on their honeymoon, Alison Wearing and her unrelated male companion explored modern day Iran. Even though this book is categorized as a travel book, she doesn’t tell you much, hardly anything about the places she sees in Iran.

Three new books by Canadian authors describe journeys to a variety of places undertaken for a variety of reasons. The weird part is that she kept getting invited to people’s houses Hey, let’s pretend to be married, so we can go to Iran!

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The book apparently took place over months however the book is written as though it was days or weeks – leaving out huge gaps of information and detail. Sep 06, Annette added it. The three decided to do what everyone who knew the desert and Bedouin ways told them would be impossible — to cross the Empty Quarter, from Muscat in Oman to Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates, by camel. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember enough specifics about this to write a good review. What an amazing journey, truly insightful; the book presented a rolling stock of soulful connections showing the wonderment and struggles amid faith and humilty of Iran’s everyday people. It wasn’t about Alison’s reaction to meeting these people – it was about what happened, how they acted and normally, the hilarious outcomes.


Apr 06, Unwisely rated it liked it Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Wearing writes with a light touch, and parts are very humorous. The Edge of Lost. Alison Wearing was able to bring humour to her travels around Iran.


To me there was an unquantifiable, almost intangible value in accepting and purdh that struggle. This is not a thought I’ve ever had, but apparently this lady did. Travelogs of people who should get their head examined, since this is what I was thinking the entire time I was reading this book. It seems like she did little to no research about Iran beforehand.

Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey | Quill and Quire

It was like she thought up a creative and lovely paragraph and dropped it randomly on the page. Alison has recently settled in Stratford, Ontario Canadawhere she can be found writing in a turret, walking her imported Mexican street dog, dancing in her living room, baking bread with her son. Through her, pudah meet the ordinary and extraordinary people of Iran–men and women whose lives extend beyond Western news stories of kidnappings, terrorism, and Islamic fundamentalism.

Honeymoon in Purdah is a book of sketches gathered over the course of one woman’s journey in Iran. He said it would “show me his country through the eyes of one who loves it. A great read for anyone who enjoys memoirs.

I remember bits and pieces, like her description of her hijab, and passing out because she got so hot in it. In honeymono situations, she was dressed appropriately when wearing long pants, a long coat that came nearly to her ankles, and a scarf covering every bit of her hair, but in some situations such as visiting Islamic holy sitesshe was expected to further cover up by wearing a chaador on top of the whole outfit.