A readable introduction to the main theories of first and second language acquisition, relating them to approaches to classroom methodology. This is a completely revised and updated edition of this readable introduction to the study of language acquisition. By understanding how languages are learned . How Languages are Learned, by Patsy Lightbown and Nina Spada. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. Author(s): Argyres, Zoe J.

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Surely we could learn quite a lot about deep structure, including whether there is really much evidence for it in the first place, by comparing surveys like that across different or indeed similar languages?

However, I felt like I came away with less actionable information than I anticipated, and the study summaries, since they’re from a certain era, made the book feel dated. There are also a number of opportunities for you to practise some of the observation and analysis techniques which are used in the research described in the book.

This book is awesome. Many of these examples are taken directly from real first and second language classrooms. It’s especially important for my fellow Latin teachers to read because Latin is in desperate need of revitalization. How Languages are Learned Patsy M.

Being a successful language learner myself, Lighybown could clearly see the significance of each of these theories in my hoa. The summaries of key studies were useful. I would recommend How Languages are Learned to anyone interested in lightboqn topic of language acquisition.


How Languages are Learned. As they put it: So I only needed to know the theories of the second language learning for two reasons: On the one hand, this was a valuable compendium of information on language acquisition, both first and second language.

It definitely would not look like any thing like It is mainly an academic book and useful to have a quick brush up on theories of language learning as it does not go much into the details of them but provides excellent list of books on the areas mentioned for further reading. Oct 10, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: My first book about this topic, but it really helped me grasp a bit about the introduction to its main points.

I had to read this for my UMass class on Methods of Teaching the Latin Language, and am so glad because it was full of great insights.

I think it is a good introductory book on the topic. I will be probably re-reading this book during the summer.

Issues in Applied Linguistics

Jul 16, Princess rated it really liked it. You’re wasting your money if you buy both. Teaching with Technology Participant Code Card. This is a completely revised and updated edition How Languages are Learned Oxford handbooks for language teachers.

This was way easier to read than a lot of books for university and I gained a lot of interesting knowledge from it. Since I didn’t have an opportunity to start learning Spanish until I was already 14 and a lost cause according to manymy favorite part of this book was where they point out that children actually take years to acquire a language, we are far more patient with them and many older learners acquire language astonishingly quickly! Sep 03, Matthew rated it it was amazing.


They manage to smoothly bridge between first language acquisition and second language acquisition.

How Languages are Learned – Patsy M. Lightbown, Nina Spada – Google Books

Sep 13, James Brawn rated it really liked it Shelves: I read both the 4th and 3rd editions of this book. The book is dedicated to teachers, and as such, offers superfluous information for a person simply interested in learning. It is written in a clear, readable style without unnecessary technical jargon – this has helped to make it a patay text for trainee teachers throughout the world.

This is a must-read for every language teacher. I feel I have to read it twice to grasp it all. Reliability in Pragmatics E. It has taught me A LOT. I found it very insightful about the way people ars their first and second 3rd, 4th, etc.