How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI. How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI. case study. John Shook. Save; Share. Manageris recommande l’article How to Change a Culture: Lessons from NUMMI , MIT Sloan Management Review, “What my NUMMI experience taught me that was so powerful was that the way to change culture is not to first change how people think, but.

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To this day, no one knows what happened there except that worker and me. Why was the joint venture attempted?

His team leader will come to provide assistance within his job cycleor the time available to complete his assigned responsibilities. The key is removing the fear or fo of looking at differences as opportunity. Trying to capture what I had learned of how the culture was changed at NUMMI, I developed a simple pyramid model that I later found out was almost the same as a model Schein tp created much earlier.

How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI

The andon process is about building in quality by exposing problems. What do we do when someone else finds and exposes one? The key is removing the fear or reservation of looking at differences as opportunity. And, oh yes, the plant had produced some numm the worst quality in the GM system. But Toyota learned that that is what it takes to enable workers to culyure in quality and to be engaged in problem solving and making improvements.

All of this was just happening. Findings Start by changing what people do rather than how they think.

Why was the joint venture attempted? A world that is in such a constant state of change must be met with minds that are equally willing to adapt and change. He quickly realized his mistake, but by then the car had already moved on, out of his work station. How to Change a Culture: Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.

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It was communicating clearly to employees what their jobs were and providing the training and tools to enable them to perform those jobs successfully. The only thing that changed was the production and management system — and, somehow, the culture.

However, application does not necessarily mean direct application. Krafcik experienced the […]. To enjoy the full article sign increate an accountor buy this article.

It was just a dream. He could walk over and push that button, which would immediately shut down the entire line. Given the opportunity — and challenge — of building in quality, the new-old NUMMI work force could not have been more enthusiastic about the opportunity to show that it could produce quality as well as any work force in the world.

Global leaders must consider the contributions of other cultures as a way to further their organization and effectively move with the flow of change. It was already trailing Honda Motor Co. A Toyota in Japan, any time a problem was encountered with a vehicle while on the line, if it could not be fixed within a given number of seconds or so, a long red cord was pulled by the dhange operator or team member; the line was completely halted as a result.

The real hurdle goes back to the concept of having an open mind and a willingness to learn and change. Many problems did crop up, but they were ultimately overcome. Toyota hired me in late to work on the Toyota side of its new venture with GM.

Learning for Change: the NUMMI Experience

Get semi-monthly updates on how global companies are managing in a changing world. Global leadership strategies for cross-cultural business success 8th ed. What I mean to say is, learning from others may lead to incorporating what has been learned, or it may mean discovering what will not work. And, interestingly, there is no one who is more skeptical than Schein about claims of easily making wholesale changes in corporate cultures. Here again, GM learned from Toyota as new management practices were introduced.


The training included long hours of lectures but, most importantly, practical on-the-job training in which they worked alongside their counterparts to learn what was to be their job back in California. Instead of focusing on the mindset of everyone involved in the change, it is more effective to focus on the actions of those involved in the change Shook, But the most disastrous aspect of the Gow production process was the typical American way of thinking about manufacturing and production back then.

The answer may not even be within the same culture. The best example of how the culture was changed at NUMMI is the famous stop-the-line — or andon — system on the assembly line. Remember, this was the early s. What better way than to get started with an existing plant Fremontand with a partner helping it navigate unfamiliar waters? Thanks again for discussing this, -AJ.

On the other side of the fence, Toyota faced pressure to produce vehicles in the United States.

Toyota could have just chosen to go it alone, which would have been quicker and simpler. That really is all there can be said on it. Sometimes those problems are of our own making.

The joint venture was a true exploration of the power of w influence, learning, and adaptation Shook, You must be logged in to post a comment.

But the most disastrous aspect of the GM production process was the typical American way of thinking chahge manufacturing and production back then. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Very often, they were missing nuts, bolts, weld tacks, windows and windshields, tires, even engines!

That is the lean cultural shift.