Set measures and limits. Distinguish things and then join them together. Deliberate and measure. Use your inner power to move people. Do not over or under. I Ching Hexagram One hesitates to ask others to accept the fatigue, so they finish the preparation with the most capable. 60 — Restrictive Regulations — HEXAGRAM NUMBER SIXTY RESTRICTIVE REGULATIONS. Other titles: Limitation, Restraint, Regulations, Articulating.

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This hexagram is a reminder to draw a line around yourself for your relationships to succeed.

iChing Limits and Connections

When rulers frame their laws according to just limitations, the resources of the hexagra,a suffer no injury, and the people receive no hurt. If chhing can impose limits on others that fit the circumstances, and do not overly limit their freedom, great success is possible. Give yourself some quiet time.

Misfortune in the sense that the road we are following peters out. Whose fault is the lament that comes from lack of regulation?

Vhing discipline is good: The Superior Man differentiates his options in relation to the goals of the Work. If the water flowing in exceeds that amount, it overflows.

There hexargama a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. Maintain realistic expectations in the matter at hand. This is an extremely important concept, because without it one can all too easily fall into a suicidal despair. Progress and attainment are seen in the equally divided dynamic and magnetic lines, with the dynamic lines in the central places. When discipline becomes oppression, the Work suffers.


One knows what is open and what is closed. Vain struggles with artificial limitations are best redirected quickly, so that the true goal can be kept in sight. This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.

Not issuing-forth-from the door chambers. When limits in a particular situation have suddenly been overcome, nervously hesitating to act is bound to be a mistake. Voluntary restraint — good fortune!

Focus entirely on the needs of the work. One hides their uncertainties to control the situation.

It would be wise to take action in precisely the right measure. The opportunity should be seized quickly and energetically. If they are too difficult to live with, laws build frustration among people, and ultimately become destructive.

60 Articulating JIE

Line 4 One hesitates to ask others to accept the fatigue, so they finish the preparation hexagraama the most capable. With discretion and good timing, anything can be carried through to resolution.


Restrictive Regulations are necessary for growth, but severe restriction must itself be limited. He does not go beyond the entrance hall of his house. Not going out hcing the door or window; there is no trouble.

I Ching Hexagram #60:

Bitter limitation should not be continued. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Line 5 Do not ask others to wear a yoke you would be unwilling to carry on your shoulders. If we don’t impose restrictions on ourselves, we are not likely to influence others to do so: The written Chinese character which denotes Restrictive Regulations means the regular division of a whole, such as the division of the seasons of the year into ninety-day periods clearly marked by the solstices and equinoxes.

While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand cjing 21st century readers. Nuclear hexagram 27 – Supply One supplies as needed.

Collective human experience on this planet is determined by the whims of archetypal forces expressing themselves through the unconscious psyches of six-billion people.