The Sufis [Idries Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When it first appeared in , The Sufis was welcomed as the decisive work on . Fifty years ago this autumn, Idries Shah published The Sufis, with an introduction by Robert Graves. The Washington Post declared it “a. This work offers coverage of the spiritual and psychological tradition of Sufism. It shows that Sufism is not the preserve of ecstatic religionists, but has a.

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Only at the correct time and in the correct context can the correct experience lead to the correct psychological development. The Brain’s Big Bang — The explosive origin of creativity, mysticism and mental illnessthey said that Shah’s stories, “when told to young and old alike [ Yes, it’s just as with ESP.

Idries Shah

Some people have associated these brain rhythms with various forms of ESP. Jul 27, Lenny Hall rated it it was amazing. Neither would convey a correct vision of the Sufi perspective.

Bennett wrote, “I had seen enough of Shah to know that he was no charlatan or idle boaster and that he was intensely serious about the task he had been given. Shah also organised Sufi study groups in the United States.

The program ended with Shah asserting that humanity could further its own evolution by “breaking psychological limitations” but that there was a “constant accretion of pessimism which effectively prevents evolution in this form from going ahead No trivia or quizzes yet. In responsible Sufi circles, no one attempts to handle either the sneerers or the worshippers, and they are very politely detached from the others. The book is one of the best I have read on the subject. In the amplitude of Gods earth why have you fallen asleep in a prison?

The Sufis – Idries Shah – Google Books

I heard this sort of thing even from people who had impeccable spiritual reputations back home in India. Are you talking about undergraduates, graduate students, or sjah My library Help Advanced Book Search. Both words and letters should now have a more settled perspective.


It occupied would-be students and opponents alike, and sufus critics to quite amazing degree. Because I don’t make the same kind of noises that they do, they seem to believe that either I am a lunatic or that I am starting some new kind of con.

Sufism: ‘a natural antidote to fanaticism’

Jan 13, Sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shah offers a wealth of compelling evidence to expand our sense of just how much the Western world owes to Arabic, Persian, and Sufi culture and thought. In THE SUFIS, Shah combines these fragments with a wealth of other information to form a picture of a fascinating society of people, still very much alive and kicking, that since ancient times has had a profound effect on mankind.

Shah’s first book, now 50 years old and republished, new jacket, new font, available as a PoD, and soon to be issued as an ebook. Munn, reviewing the book in the Journal of the American Oriental Societyconcluded that “One cannot approach this book either in the role of scholar or in the role of seeker nutfor the author has cleverly blocked both these ‘postural’ approaches, much in the same way, one usfis, as a Sufi shaikh would.

His most seminal work was The Sufis, which appeared in and was well received internationally. Shah made extensive use of traditional teaching stories and parablestexts that contained multiple layers of meaning designed to trigger insight and self-reflection in the sufia.

Shah’s father, the Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shahwas expected by Graves to present zufis original manuscript to clear the matter up, but he died in a car accident in Tangier in November InProfessor Khalilullah Khaliliformer Poet Laureate of Afghanistan, praised the work of his “compatriot and friend the Arif Sufi Illuminate The Sayed Idries Shah”, saying “Especially to be appreciated are his brilliant and important services in revealing the celestial inspirations and inner thoughts of the great teachers of Islam and Sufis.


The prevailing sense [among idrkes leaders of the Gurdjieff work] that nothing must change, that a treasure in their safekeeping must at all costs be preserved in its original form, was stronger than any wish for a new snah of inspiration.

You can eat the peach and taste a further delight Sufid is the only way a person can be carried idrles from here.

Because the book seems to contain indications of how Sufi study should be approached in order to learn what it has to teach. Our first impressions were unfavourable. A number of years ago an American psychologist carried out an interesting experiment. Though it came to maturity in the classical Islamic era, the Sufi Way which may be thought of in part as the esoteric heart of [exoteric] religionit is said to have been a vital “yeast” or leaven in societies since time immemorial.

However, he also had many notable defenders, chief among them the novelist Doris Lessing. In tracing the Sufic roots and influences of various aspects of Western culture, Mr. Although Sufism has been productive in Islam, according to Sufi tradition and scripture, Sufis existed in pre-Islamic times.

Idries Shah – Wikipedia

Institute for Cultural Research. Saiyid Idries Shah, son of the late Saiyid Ikbal Ali Shah, is personally known to me as an honourable man whose rank, titles and descent are attested and known by repute. So elite is it, that you’ll be asked to join if the Sufis notice you and think you are worthy.

How do they take to that advice? When he behaves unexpectedly, it gives you a bit of a jolt and forces you to see him with different eyes.

A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking.

If The Sufis appears scholarly, then that is only really of secondary importance.