Talking about inspiration, Heaven Sent and the Indigo Knights. If you comment on the post between now and September 15, you’ll earn a chance to win a $ The complete series list for – Indigo Knights Jet Mykles. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. Squire (Indigo Knights Book 1) – Kindle edition by Jet Mykles. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

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But that’s also what I like in this series, and I can’t wait to read the others. Not now that he’d known–and destroyed–love.

Indigo Knights Series in Order – Jet Mykles – FictionDB

The past time chapters started at the beginning, where Lance first met Gordon, up to the moment of their break up. The switch between past and present was a little annoying and I found myself just getting through the past in order to find out what was happening now but I see why it was done that way.

For now, it is a waiting game — a broke waiting game for Danny. If you read any books by Jet Mykles in the Heaven Sent series you know that one MC in each story starts out as straight and then he falls in love with another man — the typical GFY trope. I love GFY gay for youthey are just 50x more sexy, its just so hot when a declared straight man gets the hots for another dude, I love it.

Sep 03, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: He didn’t seem nearly as cold. Return to Book Page. But Lance had gotten over those dreams, or thought he had, so it made him angry that Gordon couldn’t, or wouldn’t, understand why Lance stayed with Shelby. Cash is hard to get a read on and IMO seemed kind of Rabin Squire is on top of the world. I thought this provided subtlety to the situation — that some readers could see why it ended up badly for the two of them.

He’s been crushing on his “straight” room-mate Cash. A new start, or just a revisit of their short time together? The secondary characters were as always great and it was nice to see some of the boys from Heaven Sent make an appearance.


Jun 03, Jen rated it liked it. But Cash didn’t seem like anything special. Rabin is easy to fall for and Izzy was the perfect man for him. He’s the poorest of the group, working at a pizzeria in Chicago as they wait for their club tour to start and for Heaven Sent to finish recording their album and sharing an apartment with a computer nerd who rarely dresses or leaves their building.

Danny Champion is ready to be a rockstar.

Gordon completey disregarded all the time what Lance said or wanted and when Lance didn’t do what Gordon wanted he was pissed off. Two completely gay bands… who knew? Hugs to all, Z. Again I loved it and look forward to a second one! Nothing bad just it never quite grabbed me in the heart.

While I understand the difference between a genuine lack of understanding or knowledge and someone trying to offend others, I was offended for several other characters it seemed. The story progressed slowly and for knighte chapter in the present which basically showed Lance being abstinent and Gordon throwing in his face that they would never get back together, there was a chapter in the past describing the slow build-up of how they got together in the first place.

This is a fantastic series which I highly recommend. Gordon swears he never gives second chances and is done with Lance. Danny, who we met at the end of Squire, has the hots for his computer geek roommate, Cash. When we met Gordon, in Book 2 he seemed OK, bit to be honest I thought he was a bit of an arse here, and the whole, one strike insigo you’re out, well that was mean.

Indigo Knights Series

I could only say that it provided what I wanted and I loved how Lance pushed Gordon past his bullshit up to the point where Gordon finally admitted he still loved Lance. He is also protective of Mylkes, and wants the best for him. But fans of the author will easily like this one. Some of the members suck. Since Rabin was attempting to make a name for himself in the music industry and very much a struggling artist yet and Izzy was going to culinary school, this book felt a bit more down to earth and realistic something us average folks could relate to.

View all 9 comments. I hope any future tension is less obvious but either way, this is a formula that works extremely well for Mykles and mjkles rock star series so Mkles anticipate the entire series will deliver high entertainment. I felt mtkles this story was a little more developed and I was a little more interested in the aspect of the Indigo Knights being an up-and-coming band, rather than focusing on established superstars. This brought a certain amount of tension to the story without making it overly angsty.

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I agree with others that Gordon wasn’t really a likeable person. I don’t know of life in a new band is really like this, and suspect that its probably not, but you know what – Met don’t actually care. They’re pretty much set, they just haven’t got the myklez yet. I enjoyed this book as a quick read to follow up the first book in the series but found the plot was too similar to the first book – both feature a GFY theme.

Danny is the lead singer of Indigo Knights, Cash is his roommate who is taking IT courses and only leaves the apartment when necessary for school or visiting his parents! He knows that Gordon never gives anyone a second chance but he just cannot get over the man and has given up trying.

Cash’s issues was more about not understanding Danny’s love of music, or why Danny would want to be with him, rather than him suddenly liking ejt.

Squire Indigo Knights by Jet Mykles. Of course, with all the Heaven Sent guys paired up in their Happily Ever Afters, the guys in the new band need some loving.

Champion (Indigo Knights #2) | Gay Book Reviews

I think that’s my issue with this book. The characters and the story itself indibo slightly recycled from the formula that worked so well with HS. I echo others’ hopes that Lance’s story will be better.

Gordon came over as cold and aloof for a lot of the story and only towards the end of the story did indiyo redeem himself. However in this case I sided with Lance and didn’t really care if he cheated, so what does that tell you about Gordon?