Download Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza Short Description. Download Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza. Ivo Andric was born in the village of Dolac, near Travnik, in His first novella, Put Alije Djerzeleza (The Trip of Alija Djerzelez), published in , early. Ivo Andric was born in the village of Trávnik in Bosnia (then in the Beginning with the short story ‘Put Alije Djerzeleza’ (, The Journey of Alija Djerzelez).

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He remembered he’d wanted to fight someone; he wanted to ask what happened Minde ; Ivo Anric: Djerzelez had known her for some time.

There followed a long period in which Andric concentrated on the writing of short stories. He felt the even, hard ground underfoot and only then gave in to exhaustion.

We need your help! Those of you who want to look into the labyrinth of Balkan history will find this book very useful.

Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza

Of the Gypsy Zemka, the bare-faced and crafty yet also loving animal? Between the two world wars, Andric published three books of short stories under the same title, Pripovetke Stories, and Try as he might, he could not collect himself. Od djefzeleza je saznao sve o toj djevojci. Edwards, – Drina-joen silta: Once he sees a beautiful woman he can think of nothing else but possessing her.

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But in Prokleta avilija Devil’s Yard, Andric returned to his favorite milieu and described the experiences of a Bosnian Franciscan, Fra Peter, who ibo put in an Istanbul jail, being wrongly accused of plotting against Ottoman rule. Of the fat widow?


Andric was three years old when his father, an artisan, died djefzeleza tuberculosis. Majka im je izdahnula, bez jauka, kad je s divanane ugledala gdje ih vode. Jedni taru suze, a drugi polegli po travi pa se samo vaqaju od smijeha. Mali pritoci Drine nabujali su i odnijeli drveni most na putu u Priboj i podrovali pute-ve na nekoliko mjesta.

In he was one of djerzekeza contributors to Hrvatska mlada lirika Young Croatian Lyrics. Beginning with the short story ‘Put Alije Djerzeleza’The Journey of Alija DjerzelezAndric turned his attention to prose and in the late s he had given up poetry for fiction, focusing on short stories, which was the most appropriate form of expression for him. He spent his youth in Bosnia part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time and then went to study philosophy at the Universities of Zagreb, Vienna, and Cracow.

Put Alije Đerzeleza

Jelena rated it did not like it Sep 22, He went over the rounded edge of the slope and ran down the high steep bank toward the brook. He clambered up the slope, holding on to grass and bushes, using his knees, bearing more and more to the left where the bank was less steep; and all this he did as djjerzeleza a dream.

Arapin koji prodaje lijekove i zapise, nakite od korala i prstewe na koje sam urezuje inicijale. The tiny hand did not stop caressing him, deftly and expertly, up and down the spine. After World War I Iivo completed his studies in the field of Slavic languages and literatures, receiving a doctorate in with a thesis on the cultural history of Bosnia under Turkish domination.


In helpless wonderment, he repeated the foolish word several times, like a man who had accidentally bumped into something. And this hand he felt on his body, djerezleza it the hand of the woman?

The Journey of Alija Đerzelez – Задужбина Иве Андрића

He died on March 13, With his right eye screwed his legs apart, he looked on for a second, then chuckled softly and, opening his arms and all but skipping, started toward her. His first novella, Put Alije Djerzeleza The Trip of Alija Djerzelezpublished inearly manifests a dominant trait of his creative process.

And she grew more lovely by the day. Much of the material for his stories, which could be called chronicles, came from the cultural heritage and centuries long struggle among the Yugoslavian peoples, Orthodoxs, Caltholics, Jews, and Muslims; Catholic characters were portrayed more often than Orthodox.

Svi su se dugo smijali.

Ivo Andric The Journey of Alija Djerzelez | BOSNIAN ART AND CULTURE

As always when he came face to face with womanly beauty, he at once lost all sense of time and proportion, as well as all understanding of his reality that separated people one from another. His prose poems Andric collected in Ex Ponto and Nemiri Ivo Andric by P.

He was also a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. This site uses cookies.