Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a low growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl. Book 2 of The Empress’ New Clothes: NO MERCY, tells us the story of King. Buy a cheap copy of No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, Book 2) by Jaid Black. Book 2 in the series Trek Mi Q’an Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a. Rem Q’an Tal, King of Sypar, High Lord of the Gryok Sectors knew that he was going to die soon if he didn’t find his Sacred Mate. He had been alive for.

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I like that Gis is from Australia and Rem saved her dogs as w Good quick book. Jun 10, Carolyn F.

We learn in the first book about the brother Rem and jai having been tricked into marrying a woman who wasnt really his mate and who was an evil bitch. So no under 18 teens or kids reading it! I really don’t care about Rem into making him a story, and the head-hopping between other characters Kara, ,ercy, etc.

I never got that feeling. No Mercy is the third story in the Trek series labeled as story 2 by the author. She was 36 years merfy and it was extremely embarrassing to still be untouched by man. Their group travels to a bunch of new places that shock his mate Giselle and kind of break her in to what her new life will be like, which will actually be a blafk bit more tame than what they encounter.

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Apr 30, Fannie rated it liked it Shelves: Giselle certainly doesn’t like to be seen prancing around in public wearing nothing but two sheer scraps of fabric, but what else can she do? Just read it and tell me you don’t agree. So far, so great. It’s really degrading and I don’t care for it. I might also point out here, that while it is like 13 “Yessat Years”, as per the book, the earth years are overbut still the age difference is there regardless if you count in “Yessat Years” or “Earth years”.

This futuristic sci-fi romance erotica would’ve been interesting if there was more world building and less relying on everything relating to sex. One of these books from the trek mi q’an series goes a long way. Mdrcy favorite part of the story is how Bblack “handles” Rem’s bouts of madness. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Trek Mi Q’an Book 2. May 03, Cindy rated it it was ok.

On the way back to the seventh dimension with his new bride the ship plummets out of the sky with Rem, Giselle, Death, Yoli bound servant3 Warriors, and Giselle’s 2 poodles blcak surviving. Dawn Jan 29, I was going to write a long review and yadda yadda, but then decided against it.

No Mercy by Jaid Black Series: Man muss schon einen sehr ausgefallenen Geschmack haben, um das gut zu finden. In a way sometimes he could be sweet and hurt which I loved those scenes in the beginning, like he has this part of him that looses control but when he sucks on the heroines boobs it all goes away.


No Mercy Book Summary and Study Guide

How would these warriors feel if they had to be uprooted Stars: All in all a solid read, I still enjoyed it just not quite as much. No current Talk conversations about this book.

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It was true that Anthony was a disgusting loser, but better to get her first night over with and move on. To make things worse, everyone seems obsessed with her freckles and keep comparing her to the Goddess Aparna. I don’t recommend on a romance, sci-fi, futuristic or erotica read. I suggest reading the first book The Empress New Clothes to fully enjoy but the author does do a good sum up that may or may not have you as confused and lost as Giselle at first.

Detailed Review Summary of No Mercy by Jaid Black

He makes sure there’s no hanky panky and then takes her home to his planet, but they Reread As good as Blaack remember. It’s not all doom Didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the first book, Giselle is kidnapped by her devolving mate, this is someone who after hundreds of years will devolve into a slathering mindless mad creature after not being able to secure a mate.

I like that Gis is from Australia and Rem saved her dogs as well!