The Nemausus Social Housing project by Jean Nouvel was completed in , a time during which a massive amount of the population of. Building Type: 4-Storey Low-rise Social Housing Scheme. bullet, Completion: bullet, Total Floor Area: 10, m2. bullet, Architect: Jean Nouvel.

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Although the appropriateness of using metal cladding in Hong Kong context is arguable perhaps for its industrial appearance, ease of abuse and so on, the idea of replaceable and recyclable finishing cladding is certainly a plausible one in terms of minimizing ndmausus waste and ultimate material recycling.

He jaen it was important that the tenants be able to create their own space inside of each individual apartment. It is used as a sole nouevl balcony space saved. In this quest, good apartment andalusia Nouvel defined as simply an apartment as large as possible. In addition, each of these types gives to both sides of the package. The large glass doors in each apartment also give the space a feeling of flexibility. Also recomposes and reinterprets the idea of dragging the flag that grows in height, with common spaces.

The metal-clad caterpillar like structures, called Nemausus1, is a radical departure from the existing local stock of stucco and terra-cotta-tile low-income housing. Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. Currently, people living in these buildings was very young.

Design Concept and Principles. In Nemausus, the architect tries to enhance the area, providing as much light, take the flow of air, and issues for the time seemed discredited, or nemusus. Use of standardized metal panels. Since the beginning of the twentieth century with the expansion of cities due to the strong increase in the number of plants from the Industrial Revolutionthe need for more homes to be noted.

The deficit increased with the exodus of population from rural to urban areas led to the urgent need for mass housing and low cost. Inside the houses, stairs and metal are also reported the different spaces.


Nemausus Experimental Scheme – Nimes, France. Use of thin reinforced concrete. He raised the building up off the ground and used the space he gained for parking, which was a fairly revolutionary idea for the area. The first nouve in the Netherlands were the prelude to the contribution of Le Corbusier in his buildings as city halls self. Once again, through this decision, win space for the dwellings within the volume.

Also, many times these doors are double-height, so each person can break the stigma of homelessness among four walls, and open her apartment as if it were a simple curtain. Flexibility was created by dividing seventeen different modules for apartment layouts one-room studio, split-level, tri-level, etc Apart from being greatly cheaper than much of the housing at the time, the Nemausus provided a whole new look for public housing in France.

Nouvwl means all through-apartments, with double outlooks and the potential for crosscurrents to properly ventilate the space — a significant comfort factor in a Mediterranean climate.

There are units of three kinds — simplex, duplex, and triplex — resulting in 17 types of units. The typological array guarantees that offering a choice is also a mark of respect we can show the future occupant. The two buildings with parking on ground floor semi-buried, and three upper floors of apartments.

Making use of boom lifts for picking fruits from tall trees seems like a great use for them. March Filed under Architecture.

Nemausus Housing

What is valuable in this social housing scheme is its experimental nature which offers a much higher degree of flexibility and the use of non-traditional design elements which normally are difficult to be accepted.

The two buildings were laid out parallel to two rows of plane trees standing on partly sunken parking lots.

Nimes is a town near the Mediterranean, with a good weather for much of the year and a tradition of living outdoors. His connection with the horizontal flow is through bridges.

Jen, in order to lower costs, the building structure was designed in a practical and rational. But as Nouvel nemaausus, the set is designed from the inside out. By doing this he wanted to encourage the tenants of jeam building to transform their own apartment to fit their needs.


Nemausus Housing – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

A good apartment is flexible, able to convert. Building access is via stairs located on the common area of the half, separated from each nemauxus. Nimes is a French city located in the south near the Mediterranean Sea.

The remains of Roman times made this city famous, and has numerous buildings, amphitheatres, aqueducts, and perfectly preserved. The impression that the politician was the architect was very good, especially for knowledge of it being his own country.

Nemausus, Ateliers Jean Nouvel – ATLAS OF PLACES

The justification is on the identified target audiences whom were later reported as tenants under 40 with some sort of “artistic inclination”. The area has a very good climate in much of the year and its people have the habit niuvel living far away from home, making use of public space.

It jjean means all the apartments have a big terrace and open out fully onto this terrace. The specific site was part of what had been an arboretum, so some of the trees, particularly two lines of plane trees, running down the middle of the site, should be kept. Next comes the question of the site.

The materials on Nemausus are given by this particular image so radical. This social housing scheme is experimental in nature located in Nimes, France. A good cheap apartment in a democratic sense. Nouvel also drew inspiration from the design of ships, and used pre-manufactured industrial components throughout the building.

For the load on each of them not too, Nouvel poses a counterweight system. A good apartment, above all else, means a big apartment.

Horizontal circulations are located throughout the length of each volume, covering three floors. And a good apartment was inexpensive.