Editorial Reviews. Review. Juliet Barker tells this story beautifully. If you buy just one book of history this year, choose this one. It will make a wonderful. Editions. UK: Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle Little, Brown, ISBN: Abacus, ISBN: Audiobook. The Wars of the Roses by Alison Weir Agincourt by Juliet Barker The Plantagenets by Dan Jones Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall She- Wolves by.

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But what is the truth behind the battle upon which so many legends have been built? If I have one complaint it is that the book seems aimed at a British audience, which I can understand given the subject matter but it almost veers narker propaganda at times, as can be seen by the book’s subtitle.

All in all, 4 stars.

It definitely pays off to be familiar with Shakespeare’s play in this regard. No one save historians can remember the Treaty of Troyes — but Agincourt has achieved greater fame.

There are 35 well defined art pieces as photographs from museums and historical locations attached within the pages of the book — this only added great value for me personally as it brought to life the history I was reading. Published August 23rd by Back Bay Books first published What keeps it being a 5 star is that although the tone and research are 5 star excellent to detail, physical reality, material substances and religion related motivations, there was still strong author assumption, IMHO.

Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England

Paperbackpages. This book gives a detailed overview of the battle itself, but also the buildup that went before. However, some more features would have I really wanted to give this book five stars. The only complaint that I have is one that I have with many agoncourt histories — a lack of maps. This code was strong in England and even stronger julief France.

It was in his long marck to Calais where he would win his spurs.

Barker’s approach is to delight in the detail available to us from the Royal accounts. But she also looks behind the action on the field to paint a portrait of the age, from the logistics of preparing sgincourt launch one of the biggest invasion forces ever seen at the time to the dynamics of daily life in peace and war. We tend to think that modern societies have all the talents.


Juliet Barker

Prince Henry was the de facto king at this point and lead the government council. I won’t go too deep into it, because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone interested in reading, but if your knowledge of this event is that of your typical, passing-interest history fan, you’ll be surprised by how much of what most people know is muddied by propaganda and how many opposing viewpoints there were from eye-witness accounts that really julieh a more vivid, well rounded picture of not only the batt This book clears up a lot of myths I’d believed about the Battle of Agincourt.

The third section explains the effect the battle and campaign had on both the French and English and looks at what happened to members of both the English and French nobility in years that followed, foreshadowing future conflict between the two.

It was almost a foregone conclusion that the French baeker annihilate the English The section on the actual battle isn’t enormous, this is a story of why Agincourt happened and why it was important, and while the full story of the battle is delivered with talent, this isn’t a military history.

Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England by Juliet Barker

This is a well researched book, and I learned much more about 15th century chivalry than I expected. From the start, he prepared for war.

Here, the amount of details is just right to get a sense of barkdr grit, dirt, suffering, but also, dare I write it, glory of the battle itself. Barker’s insistence on disagreeing with recent historians of the period, without giving much evidence to the contrary, as well as her seeming inability to fault a single action Henry undertook, grate after a while. To view it, click here.

This is a book that took me a while to get through, mostly because my expectations were out of line with what the book could have provided. What later resulted was the battle of Agincourt, in which Henry’s army defeated the French even though they were outnumbered six to one although the exact ratio varies from scholars. I was looking for deep tactical analysis of the battle itself, instead the book proved to be a comprehensive look at all aspects of the campaign which lead to the battle of Agincourt, from its formation to its conclusion and beyond.


The events leading up to the battle, the battle itself, and the aftermath. Feb 21, J.

Not only did it save Henry from capture or death, but the miraculous upset seemed agincokrt impress upon the English that regardless of the spurious actions of his father, Harry was God’s own anointed. We see the amounts of supplies and who they came from such as the woman blacksmith involved in producing armaments, and also every man signed up for the campaign – at least in terms of numbers, because this was an army raised on contracts with leading figures undertaking to serve for a fixed period of time with a certain number of combatants of a certain type such as armoured men at arms or archers.

Grossly outnumbered and weakened by sickness, the English should have been crushed.

Juliet Barker – Wikipedia

Barker’s descriptions of England, Normandy, the Siege of Harfleur, Henry’s route, and, of course, the main event would have been far better served with them. The most memorable Frenchman – John the Fearless and the Dauphin, who the author does a great job of bringing to life throughout most of the book, will play no part in the battle of Aigncourt whatsoever.

In this book Juliet Barker follows King Henry from the beginning to the end with his famous victory at Agincourt. For me, this last bit was a slog, and I’d recommend to the casual reader that it might not be a good investment of time to stay with it until the end.

This created the kind of tension released only with knights and massed formations of archers: England’s prosperity came from trade, lately the Channel had become dangerous for shipping.