Find great deals on eBay for Kawasaki KXF Manual in Kawasaki. Shop with confidence. Kawasaki KXF — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 11 Sep, Model: Kawasaki KXF Pages: File size: 3 MB. Download Manual. Manual . KXF & RM-z Service Manual – MXGuy. Tue, 18 Dec GMT. I recently obtained the Kawasaki KXF Service Manual and.

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Tire Air Pressure Tire air pressure affects traction, handling, and tire life. Skip to main content. Other see details Time left: Pull in the clutch Close the throttle completely and push the engine lever as the motorcycle comes to kawasaaki stop. Spring Preload Adjusting Nut B. Clamp the sub-harness at the blue tape 6. Observe all the rules listed below: It will have most specs but is more maintenance and not major repairs. Rear Shock Absorber Nut 5.


Front Brake Reservoir B. Special Tools – Grip [C]: Sorry, but we don’t make any outgoing calls and we’re not able to give out our phone number. Replace the oil seals. When air enters the brake lines, brake lever or pedal movement will be partially used in compressing the air.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Fuel Kawxsaki Gauge Adapter: Fuel Avoid filling the tank in the rain or where heavy dust Fuel is blowing so that the fuel does not get contaminated. Air Cleaner Housing 9. If any label is missing, damaged, or worn, get a replacement from your Kawasaki dealer and install it in the correct po- sition. Technical Information – Dual Injector Overview Although the Kawasaki Ninja super-sports models are already equipped with dual injectors, the KXYC is the first motocross model to adopt dual-injector technology.

Immediately wash away any coolant that spills on the frame, engine, or wheel. Avoid all harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents, and household cleaning products such maanual ammo- General Precautions nia-based window cleaners.

Touch the rear brake hose fitting to the stopper.

locate a dealer

Fork Spring Compressor Special Tool: To Intake Air Temperature Sensor 8. With the engine stopped and conduct a self-diagnosis inspection, the service code is indicated by the number of times the FI warning indicator light option blinks.

Pawl guide plate broken Shift pawl broken Clutch noise: Lubricate with engine oil. Upper End Drive Chain Lubrication Lubricate the drive chain after riding through rain or on wet track, or any time that the chain appears dry with a high quality lubricant for drive chains. Chain Lubrication Lubrication of the drive chain is necessary after rid- ing in the rain or mud, or any time the chain appears dry with a high quality lubricant for drive chains. If the input voltage reading shows other than 5 V, calculate a valid output voltage range as follows: To Main Harness 5.

  G170EG01 V0 PDF

Kawasaki KXF – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Often, the tightening sequence is followed twice-initial tightening and final tightening with torque wrench. Fuel Injection Field of Both Injector Overall Height 1 mm Don’t show me this message again. NOTICE Removing the locknut and pushing kawqsaki piston rod thread into the left front fork cylinder unit will dam- age the oil seal.

Decelerator Cable Bolt D. Decrease the rebound damping.

Kawasaki KX250F Service Manual

The exhaust system, in particular the muffler body, 3. Friction Plate Thickness 2. If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully.

Ball Bearing Left Crankcase 4. Turning the adjuster 8 clicks counterclockwise from the fully seated position is the standard setting, turning it counterclockwise 22 or more clicks depending on the kaqasaki is the softest setting.

Throttle Sensor Connector portion. Rear Shock Absorber Warning Front Axle Nut F.