Aug 24, Katerina Kolozova delivers the first accurate and comprehensive study of my interpretation of Marx in my book “Introduction to Non-Marxism,”. Aug 27, On the occasion of the publication by punctum of feminist philosopher Katerina Kolozova’s much awaited new book, Toward a Radical. Katerina Kolozova, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University/ Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Skopje, Gender Studies Department, Faculty Member. Studies.

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In the final section of the film, the director explores an actual case of three women who were tortured, raped, and murdered in the small Macedonian town of Kichevo between kolozva ISBN Release date: Yet the words ” revolution ” and ” anti-capitalism, ” which adorn so many festive revolutionary slogans, are mere utterances.

As I see it, it is through this gesture that both Vattimo and Heidegger become prey to a duplicated estrangement, or to philosophy par excellence. Such an instance is the concept of capital and the material and immaterial realities it creates.

When it comes to current mainstreamed revolutionary projects, signifying grows, while materiality evaporates: It evidently follows the structural laws of tragedy since it is the systasis ton pragmaton the composition of elements rather than a metaphysical rumination which brings forth the plot of the great themes of life, death and fate and its Executing the task of survival in its paroxysm of pure revolt implies the participation of Death-drive as the inevitable result of the risk always already present in the revolt against the Order-in-Power.

In other words, Vattimo’s weak thought aligns with reality ,olozova produces an interpretation of it, limiting its ambition to an koolzova of practice by philosophical means.

It is not the real in the material sense as koloaova is also a philosophical construct. This makes the real economy inferior to the finance economy, and further makes the latter dictate the real economy. The fact that thought cannot grasp the real in its totality is affirmed.


Such real would be a This situation is the result of the complete mathematization and kateriha of the real. Upon the plane of pure meaning that is left behind after katerin incineration of the sacrificially killed embodied life, Logos that equals Polis is built.

My claim here is that there is no exit from metaphysics. So the mediation of the physical and language is already a part of the human-in-human or the human as the real.

Available for download now. Topics kaferina culture, art, philosophy, and politics, as well as providing critical exegesis of Lacan’s most gnomic utterances on theology, including “The Triumph of Religion” http: Get to Know Us. Technology and the animal, the philosophical and the real, kollozova rational and the meaningless are not reconciled dialectically or otherwise in one outcome, one truth, one sense or any sense whatsoever of humanity.

The real is the radical constructedness of the human, which is both something that is physical, but also something that is made of language.

Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle

When the institutions of higher education become subject to state control, critical reflection is held hostage to the dictates of those in power.

Quite on the contrary, I claim there that identity establishes a certain reality katfrina its own right, regardless of the fact that the material of this reality is immaterial, like language.

The questions she raises and the aspects of the questions she points out that I have myself failed to address brought me to the realization that maintaining the entire construction of the argument I set out is a task I katerinw never be able to kolkzova, but it is one that I should certainly try to contribute to as much as possible.

I find it in Capital as well as in the Economic and Philosophical Manuscriptsand I try to prove and bring evidence for it in the book.


Occasionally I think I should pursue theoretically what I am now pursuing as an activist. If you ask these questions, you ask them for political reasons, but if you go to the root of the problem you are actually opening a metaphysical discussion.

In Ancient Greece, the purpose of There is a fetish in technological progress as a purpose per se. Katerina Katarina Kolozova, PhD.

Subjectivity is the product of the linguistic turn in philosophy. This is an excerpt from a previously uploaded monograph, which is available here the e-book is free of charge whereas the printed version can be ordered: Rather, it is an exteriority in the sense that it is outside the reach of our linguistic intervention, appropriation and re-invention.

It would be naive to think that we can think beyond language and in terms of the real as such. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Katerina Kolozova | The New Centre for Research & Practice

The nihilist’s nothingness is thus potentialized: However, an exit kategina the disciplining and hallucinatory grasp of Central Asian Women Confronting Transition more. After the “Speculative Turn” Brooklyn: Thus, it is situating beyond the instance of transformability. Only 1 left in stock katernia on the way. The monetary reality, for example, is an abstraction but, insofar as it conditions the lives of the human beings in a society, it acts as the real.

So, I do not quite endorse the term, but I would not completely reject it because it has already established its own operative position. There is alienation that is exploited and aggravated by capitalism.

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