Its only aim is to give you a kick start on how to use KompoZer. The manual does not even cover all the basic aspects of HTML in detail. Yes, this is a short. KompoZer lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the web. You don’t have to know HTML to use KompoZer; it is as easy to use as a word. Working With Templates. HTML templates are useful in cases where the author has to create several pages which have similar design but different content.

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Details on how to use CaScadeS are out of scope of this tutorial. The text will used as a base to learn basic formatting functions available in KompoZer. He was called up several times by village people and the government to get rid of man-eating tigers and leopards. To know which button does what just hover your mouse over the button and a tool tip will appear indicating the function of the button.

Clicking on the 5th row in 2nd column will create a default table with those dimensions. There you will find detailed information about various standards maintained by them. KompoZer is completely free and can be downloaded from KompoZer website.

KompoZer|KompoZer Tutorial

Jim Corbett,lived in Kaladhungi. After you are done, the table should look like the one below:. The text will be styled according to the default Heading Level-1 style. Several other options of formatting your text are available from the Format Toolbar or via the Format menu on the File Menu toolbar.


For detailed instructions about all the ways possible to format text for a web page, see Formatting your Web Pages section in KompoZer Help documentation. Having multiple tabs gives a cleaner look to your desktop as it is not cluttered when multiple windows are used for each document.

These choices affect the way text and links in your page appear to people viewing the page through a browser. You can also style important words or phrases using the bold Bitalic Ior underline U buttons on the Format Toolbaras has been done in this line. KompoZer allows you to simultaneously edit multiple web documents using different tabs for each opened document. The first thing we will take care of are the headings and subheadings.

Each document’s state is indicated, i. Go ahead and try to use a few options, you will learn a few trick this way. Use the Page Properties dialog box to enter properties such as the title, author, and description of the document you’re currently working on.

The Format Toolbar is a very useful tool while editing web pages with KompoZer. Born on 25th Julykompozfr grew up in Kaladhungi and Nanital.

This is followed by a basic formatting section. The document concludes with instructions for publishing your document to a web server.

KompoZer Tutorial

More than one document can be opened at the same time with KompoZer in the same window but in different tabs. Its only aim is to give you a kick start on how to use KompoZer. Background images are tiled and override background color selections. If you haven’t already given your page a title, KompoZer prompts you to do so. You can also create ordered or unordered lists and justify a block of text to left, right or centre.


KompoZer Tutorials ()

Koompozer the given text this has already done to make the text more presentable, but otherwise marking paragraphs separately is a good practice.

State transport buses ply from Delhi, Moradabad and Haldwani to Ramnagar. It is based on Gecko, the Mozilla rendering engine. KompoZer lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the web.

Even with multiple tabs open, each is handled independently. You can also start a new document which is a template instead of a normal html file. Once you’ve started a page, documentztion can add and edit text just as you would in a word processor. Then we have small section devoted to styling your document using CSS. To create a web page, use one of the methods described below. The Composition Toolbar consists of buttons for the most used major operations.

If an image location is absolute starts with “http: The visibility of the site manager can be toggled by clicking the F9 button.

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