Larapinta Trail walking itineraries and area visitors information guide. Map of the Western MacDonnell Ranges courtesy of NT Tourism. Information for Larapinta Trail Maps. Buy Larapinta Trail Maps and download Larapinta Trail Maps. The km long Larapinta Trail is one of Australia’s most spectacular bushwalking and trekking Section 9, Larapinta Trail ยท Larapinta Trail Maps & Guidebooks.

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These can provide a useful backup to your maps. Get the Section 10 information sheet and map 1. Walking past ancient Cycads around the shelter of Standley Chasm.

Minimum rental is 5 days.

Section 8 is well worth the effort if you enjoy a steep climb and descent and want to be rewarded with one of the best views along the Larapinta Larapintta. Website Updated March Taking the high route to Tangentyere Junction for spectacular views only for those who really want to get the heart racing!

Laarpinta plenty of time along the ridge and at the lookout to admire the views over the Alice Valley.

Larapinta Trail information pack

Larapinta Trail Facebook Page. There is no water supply along Section 9 so walkers must be prepared to carry 2 days worth of water. This challenging section of the trail passes through Spencer Gorge, along the spine of Razorback Ridge and then down the narrow Linear Valley to the junction with the Hugh River.

It is suggested that you allow 20 days for this remote and difficult adventure, allowing for rest stops, side trips and to restock food supplies.


Larapinta Trail walking itineraries and area information

There is no water supply along Section 9 so be prepared to carry 2 days worth of water. Describe your experience The information was easy to understand The information answered my query. There are only one or two places in which water cannot larapint obtained throughout the day, with frequent storage tanks.

You can then walk from the Telegraph Station into the centre of Alice Springs along the Riverside Walk or take a 10 minute taxi ride into town.

Section 8, Larapinta Trail. Jay Creek-Standley Chasm S4: Walking in one of the oldest rivers in the world.

Most people walk the trail during winter when the days are cooler. Another option is to extend your walk by 6. It is one of the longest sections of the trail.

Trai, Larapinta Trail Package a one-stop-shop of essential information for all walkers embarking on Larapinta Trail. Walking from the exposed ridgelines of the Chewings Range trwil the sheltered gorges around Standley Chasm. This is a place to experience the grandeur of the desert landscape. Telegraph Station – Simpsons Gap S2: There is no reliable surface water along the way, so if you decide to walk this section you will have to carry a heavy pack with a two-day supply of drinking water.

The walk harbours many Aboriginal sacred sites of the Arrernte people, who have permitted tourists to visit the sites. Info on all 12 sections. For all other feedback or enquiries, you must contact the relevant government agency.

It includes all of the following: Redbank Gorge to Mt Sonder return Section 12 is a More feedback options To provide comments or suggestions about the NT. Larapinta Trail Current Conditions and Updates – see http: Having a long lunch at Counts Point. Whatever your motivation for walking the Trail Views of Mt Sonder in the distance. It passes through this gap and travels along the southern side of Mt Sonder to Redbank Creek.


Larapinta Trail Larapinta Trail information pack. Get the Section 3 information sheet and map There is an abundance of birds, including the hard to find spinifex bird. There are now APP mapped walk information for the Larapinta.

Larapinta Trail Chapman | Maps | Books | Travel Guides | Buy Online

If you laeapinta to do a return walk to save organising transport, you could walk from Geoff Moss Bridge to Wallaby Gap and back again – Section 7, Larapinta Trail. One Day Uluru Tours. Each shelter has a free gas cooker, toilet, Ranger maintained water tank and sleeping platform.

However if you are happy to finish your walk at a time set by your transfer back to Alice Springs then perhaps this is the option for you.

Serpentine Chalet Bush Camping Mpa. Allow the following delivery times: Accessing the Larapinta Trail. The information was inaccurate The information was difficult to understand I couldn’t find the information I was looking for.

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