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Aug 08, Google DocHub instantly and for free allows others to edit security protected documents and then send back comple,entar. One task of the supervisor program is to load into memory non-resident programs as required.

A Personnel cimplementar Management consultants An architect A stockbroker A journalist An air steward Venture capitalists Auditors 1 An air steward looks after passengers on a plane. Read the following dialogues.

This is a great party. So the west wind carried her off to his palace and when her husband came back from the wars and found out that she’d buzzed off he comppementar very upset.


I am coming to see you now. She succeeded in getting through to the office in the end. Is a man still a child when he is 30?

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She sighed and said that she had torn her dress. In her tortured mind, if the inherited evil was to die then they had to die too. My session with the career counselor was a bit of a waste of time.

Dont let me forget to phone my sister. Id better You are supposed to take one tablet every four hours. There are many verbs besides say and tell that can be used in reported speech and that are often more expressive than these two rather neutral verbs. Five sentences have been removed from the article. Don’t spend all your money on food and drink. He told us we mustn’t cross the road against the red light.


Paula walk to school every morning Our children visit their grandparents twice a week. Imperatives become infinitive phrases in reported speech preceded by a verb such as tell, order, command, ask, with a pro noun for the person addressed. A personal object is always present.

Somebody climb up that tree over there. Follow all recommendations and suggestions, heed all warnings contained in this manual and use the product as intended. But I saw Rosaline my ex-girlfriend.

Ill give Polly the news. This is a very bad line. You mustn’t cross the road against the red light. Old George no be here for years.

Is it raining heavily? You say youre getting a coach at nine. Smith since we did an 60.07.06 together. I was at Lucys party. Bob is writing a letter. Susan doesn’t like bananas,?