Les Troyens (Hector Berlioz): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Hector Berlioz’ Les Troyens counts among the biggest pieces of music Berlioz’s libretto is drawn from Books I, II and IV of Virgil’s Aeneid. , English, French, Book edition: Les Troyens: opera in five acts / by Hector Troyens. Libretto. Published. [New York]: G. Schirmer, []. Distributed.

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Cassandre defiantly mocks the soldiers, then suddenly stabs herself.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Includes introduction lkbretto synopsis in English. Jill Gardner, second interview. It was a partial success, because the new theatre could not be quite ready on opening night, which caused much trouble during rehearsals. Even with this truncated version of the opera, many compromises and cuts were made, some during rehearsals, and some during the run.

Two naiads appear and disappear, but return to bathe in the basin. Hylas sings his song of longing for home, alone. Carthage will be destroyed, and Rome will be “immortal”. Tammy Coil American premiere of Written on Skin.

Synopsis and Musical Structure. Soldats, citoyens, femmes, et enfants. Carvalho had originally planned to divert water from the nearby Seinebut during the rehearsals, a faulty switch nearly caused a disaster. Les Troyens Libretto Translation s: Christa Ludwig had been cast as Didon but was ill at the time of the premiere; she sang the role in the ten subsequent performances.


Opera Today

Groyens regina, rientrata nelle sue stanze, ordina alla sorella Anna di recarsi da Enea per implorarlo di restare. Retrieved from ” https: Combat de Ceste — Pas de Lutteurs No.

ACT III A hall troyenns the palace of Didon in Carthage Surrounded by her people Didon celebrates the seventh anniversary of the founding of Carthage – after her husband lles been killed she and her people had been forced to flee from their home in Tyre. They learn that the Trojans have already sailed. Cassandre alone, daughter of King Priam, gifted with prophecy, fears the fall of Troy. Vinti i Numidi, Enea viene festeggiato nei giardini di Didone. Mais le ciel et la terre, Oublieux de la guerre Proclament ton erreur.

After Didon’s entry, and dances from the Egyptian dancing girls, the slaves, and the Nubian slave girls, Iopas sings his song of the fields, at the queen’s request.

Click le for information on the New Berlioz Edition. Interviews with Maestro Meena and the Cast. Salvatore Sciarrino, contemporary composer. Le vent est bon, la mer nous est ouverte! Iopas then enters to tell of an unknown fleet that has arrived in port.

The Hector Berlioz Website – Berlioz Libretti Les Troyens

He finished the full score on 12 April He had just obtained an annual subsidy of a hundred thousand francs from the government. Notes Opposite pages numbered in duplicate. Berlioz, Hector,librettist. Ascagne enters, presents the saved treasure librrtto Troy, and relates the Trojans’ story. Enea, fino ad allora in incognito, si rivela e offre il proprio aiuto. As the Greeks burst in Cassandre and the women kill themselves.


Paride ed Elena Paride ed Elena: Berlioz arranged for the entire score to be published by the Parisian music editors Choudens et Cie. Il va tomber sur Troie! Mais je le dois The Carthaginians and Trojans then prepare for battle against the Numidians.

Les Troyens

But her prophetic vision clarifies, and she foresees the utter destruction of Troy. Open to the public Book English; French Show 0 more libraries Les Francs-jugesOp. Act IV Tableau 1. Then I set to work on the score, and after three and a half years of corrections, changes, additions etc.

Le Rapsode, narrator of the Prologue [37]. Two Trojan sentries have no desire to leave, having found girls and comfort in Carthage.

Opera Today : BERLIOZ: Les Troyens

Il faut partir avant le lever du soleil! Au milieu de leurs clameurs, on distingue de temps en temps le mot: The Carthaginians swear their defence of Didon, and the builders, sailors and farmers offer tribute to Didon. One group of women admits to fear of libretro, and Cassandre dismisses them from her sight.

Carthage en est remplie. PriamKing of Troy.