A source of Loop info on the Lexicon JamMan. JamMan Diagnostics – from the JamMan Service Manual. JamMan Memory – A collection of posts from the. I’m a guitarist, and I use a Lexicon JamMan for looping, as well as a Lexicon . to put my Vortex into the feedback loop of the JamMan manually, using a mixer. More info on the Digitech JamMan than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! You may also be interested in the Looper’s Delight pages for the legendary Lexicon JamMan. Since there is some Digitech JamMan manual ( pdf).

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When I heard about the Jamman, I ordered one. So would the easiest thing to do be simply having a small mixer to mix down from three or more to one?

With MIDI you can also access some nifty loop fading functions not available from the frontpanel and cueing up multiple loops on the fly is effortless as well. But then, like the guitar, you can take jamnan to much greater depth, expand your technique, and really develop your own musical voice with it. Fri, 24 Jan 97 Bret Moreland: If you are buying it anyway, ja,man not let some of your cash go to your favorite web site?

Their lengths can independent of each other, which I don’t think is true of the jamman.

Digitech JamMan

Sometimes I will ajmman some friends over, light some candles, and play what I call “a meditation”. There are several pieces on the new record where this stuff will be inevidence. Am I missing something here? A collection of messages about JamMan applications and limitations. Oh, and since Matthias created version 1.


This makes for a much more dynamic and rewarding ledicon improv, I think Best thing to do though is have your own sound man, as a house guy who is unfamiliar with your act will have nary a clue as to what sound is coming from where That seems sort of limiting to me, but even so I think it can open up a lot of doors for you if you haven’t been using it much. JamMan Applications and Limitations – Find out what the JamMan can and can’t do in these posts taken from the mailing list.

Incidentally, why oh why doesn’t JM accept Midi volume And like any good instrument, it allows the beginner to have a good time with just a few basics. Not for the faint hearted, but could be worth checking out. I usually start the loops with an acoustic drum, to create a groove, throw in a bass line, add some textures with an accordian, then jam guitar to my heart’s content!

I couldn’t get a good balance between looping and feedback, and distorting the input on the Maunal is NOT pretty. You can do a lot with just the three most basic functions – Record, Overdub, and Multiply.

They’ve left it to places like Looper’s Delight to do their customer support for them. If we run a snake between the mixers we can process each other’s loops and place them in each other’s sound field. On his pages, you can also learn about his JamMan software update, history of the JamMan, and application notes. Now we are each using an alesis 16 track mixer. Jump to the related area of the forum. The plex can sync to pulses, using the BeatSync input. Printed in the U. You should check them both out and see what works for you.


The JamMan does not have much in the way of editing features. We started with a single 16 track alesis mixer. I did this last week when a drummer friend and I were messing around at his house. Playing Champman Stick, I have at least three outputs bass, melody, triggered synthyet I understand the JamMan can only process one of it’s stereo inputs.

My brother Chris and I have developed a looping system based around one or more mixers. Curious Matthias Patrick Smith: You have to interact with it, and it does take some effort to learn to do that well. Its great to see all the conversation going on here, we’ve started kicking the pace up a notch or two!

Lexicon JamMan Manual

It had a very one-way dynamic. Both can lexiicon be controlled with midi if you happen to be among the adventurous few willing to try such modern networking architectures.

I know the city well, and shopped and shopped, but no Zip ram could be found. We have mixed PA speakers, guitar cabinets with watt EV’s and 25 watt green backs, and other monitors with good results.

Adding Memory These can be purchased through your sembling your unit. I decided early on to make it my mission to utilize looping in every way available to me in order to expand the palette of the usual band.