From Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil for World Youth Day, we will remember his appeal to young people to «rock the boat»; his visit to a favela in Rio, an almost ritual. The Libertatis Nuntius or ‘Instruction on certain aspects of the “Theology of Liberation”‘ was written by Cardinal Ratzinger in It begins with a brief overview. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the oldest among the nine congregations of .. suspension of the Reverend Father Professor Charles Curran from the teaching of theology” (25 July ); Libertatis conscientia ( Instruction on.

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She addresses each person, and for that reason, every person.

Since that time, many have regarded future history as an irresistible process of liberation inevitably leading to an age in which man, totally free at last, will enjoy happiness on this earth.

This leads to a reductionist reading of the Bible. In this full presentation of Christianity, it is proper to liberrtatis those essential aspects liberttais the “theologies of liberation” especially tend to misunderstand or to eliminate, namely: And Saint Paul says that love is the fulfilment of the Law. Some of these have as their object what are usually called “the freedoms”that is to say, ways of recognizing every human being’s character as a person responsible for himself and his trascendent destiny, as well as the inviolability of his conscience.

St Linertatis was a saint renown for his simple life-style.

A culture which recognizes the eminent dignity of the worker will emphasize the subjective dimension of work. We noted above cf.

Justice must already mark each stage of the establishment of this new order. Through Christ’s Death and Resurrection we are offered forgiveness.

Benedict XVI cautions against dangers of Marxist liberation theology

But the term “scientific” exerts an almost mythical fascination even though everything called “scientific” is not librtatis scientific at all. It is only by learning to unite his will to the others for the sake of true good that he will learn rectitude of will.


Retrieved 2 August But is it above all by the power of his Paschal Mystery that Christ has set us free.

nntius Although lawful and worthy of being obeyed, 68 they could never, inasmuch as they have their origin in such authorities, claim to have a libertaits character. Archived from the original on 11 April But its purpose is to perfect and elevate a moral dimension which already belongs to human nature and with which the Church concerns herself in the knowledge that this is a heritage belonging to all people by their very nature.

Instruction on certain aspects of the “Theology of Liberation”

The new ‘hermeneutic’ inherent in the “theologies of liberation” leads to an essentially ‘political’ re-reading of the Scriptures. L’Osservatore Romano11 Marchp. Libertatis NuntiusIV, 3: It may be helpful to explain briefly the way in which the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith proceeds towards a judgment on writings that appear to be problematic.

A process of liberation which has been achieved can only create better conditions for the effective exercise of freedom.

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

In Boff received a letter from Ratzinger objecting to the content of his book Church, Charisma nutius Power. This path is marked out by the supreme commandment, which is the commandment of love. The major and fundamental event of the Exodus therefore has a meaning which is both religious and political.

Palace of the Holy Office RomeItaly. Idolatry is an extreme form of disorder produced by sin. God did not create man as a “solitary being” but wished him to be a “social being”. The Church knows that the redeeming Cross is truly the source of light and life and the centre of history. One cannot therefore isolate the political aspect for its own sake; it has to be considered in the light of a plan of a religious nature within which it is integrated.


First people must be set in right relationship with God and then the evil structures will change, but changing structures will not change people.

Benedict XVI cautions against dangers of Marxist liberation theology

Archived from the original on 13 May The Exodus, the Covenant, the Law, the voices of the Prophets and the spirituality of the “poor of Yahweh” only achieve their full significance in Christ. Taken by itself, the desire for nkntius finds a strong and fraternal echo in the heart and spirit of Christians. We dare not forget for a single instant the situations of acute distress which issue such a dramatic call to theologians.

By virtue of the first, man with his brothers is obliged to contribute to the common good of society at all its levels. A major fact of our time ought to evoke the reflection of all those who would sincerely work for the true liberation of their brothers: Nunfius, this dimension is meant to find its accomplishment in the Body of Christ which is the Church.

Nor can one localize evil principally or uniquely in bad social, political, or economic “structures” as though all other evils came from them so that the creation of the “new man” would depend on the establishment of different economic and socio- political structures.