Abstract The endemic Lilium ledebourii(Baker) Bioss. (Liliaceae) was investigated anatomically. Studies were performed on plants collected from Damash of. Lilium albanicum is a Turk’s cap lily from Albania and the Balkans. . Lilium ledebourii is from Azerbaijan and the Elburz (Alborz) mountains in. Lilium ledebourii is known only from a few scattered localities in Iran and adjacent Azerbaijan, but this is surely one of the loveliest of the genus. Strong spikes.

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Lilium pyrenaicum is native to Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus, it is named for the Pyrenees in France.

They are 10—14 centimeters long, and 1—2 centimeters wide. The florets are very similar to L. These results are ledebouii with the description given by Farsam et al.

It needs a dry, sunny position in well-drained soil, it is very susceptible to moisture.

Anomocytic stomata were also described in some species of BoraginaceaeRanunculaceaeGeraniaceae and so forth. Strong spikes can carry 15 of the stunning flowers, which at first appear to be white.

File:Lilium ledebourii.jpg

Daru, Volume 11 No. Liliaceae was investigated anatomically. The cross-section of a young gynoecium and ovaries with liliun axial placentation x The florets are in a small pendent form, yellow, spotted with spots as well as dashes plus a purple to brown or near black throat and in the center area orange pollen. Its local name is Susan-e- Chelcheragh.

The flowers are actinomorphic and attached on up to centimeter-long petioles. Flora Orientalis 5 1: The most important findings in this research were the presence of the silica prickles and silica hairs on the stem and leaf surfaces, stomata type and placentation type. Lilium ledebourii is a persistent herbaceous plant that grows 50— lesebourii tall.


Assessment of these characters in Lilium ledebourii Baker Bioss.

File:Lilium – Wikimedia Commons

Conspectus Florae Caucasi 2: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish Accept Read More. Furthermore, the micromorphological properties of gold-plated of the pollen grain have been investigated by SEM, LEO model.

The following other wikis use this file: They are closer to v. The cross-sections of the anther revealed that anther has two lobes and four pollen sacs Fig. It then dies down and therefore is best planted in late summer when dormant and should be barely covered with soil as it does not have stem roots. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

The cross-section of a part of the root containing the cortex and stele x In June Dr.

Call us 21 The monoecious plant blooms in June and July with a panicle of one to fifteen fragrant flowers. Lilium rhodopaeum is from Bulgaria; it is yellow. There are a number of subspecies some of which are now recognised by some authorities as species. The following 2 pages uses this file: For liliim studies, cross-sections of the root, stem, leaves, ovary and anther were investigated for the first time.

The flower is called Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh in Iran and the local area and ledebourji appearance is one of the most striking features in the area at the time of blooming. The foliage leaves are wide and short with fine hairs along margins of the upper side and veins on the lower side. Asef an Iranian Mycologist and researcher found Lilium ledebourii from Vaz forest in Noor Mazandaran province at altitudes around meter.


Lilium albanicum is a Turk’s cap lily from Albania and the Balkans. How to cite this article: The primary xylem is distributed toward the eldebourii zone. Three photos submitted by Darm Crook. Closer examination reveals firstly a lovely perfume and secondly that each petal has a greenish yellow centre with just a few spickles of red-purple scattered around.

Ledsbourii cross-section of a young anther containing the lobes and pollen sacs x The genus Lilium L.

Lilium szovitsianum is a very aromatic native to the Caucasus; it was considered a variety of Lilium monadelphum but has recently achieved it’s own species status. Chromosomal differentitation and genome size in three European mountain Lilium species. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat The upper and lower epidermis comprise uniseriate, almost square or oval cells.

International Journal of Botany, 4: This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Home Blog Around Iran.

Lilium ledebourii – RarePlants

The seed capsule, which has the shape of an inverted egg, is approximately hexagonal, 3—4. The vascular bundles are collateral type. Lilium ledebourii White flowers in Iran Bokeh photos of plants. Vaschlar bundles are surrounded by a sclerenchyma bundle sheath. In the cross-sections of the leaves, isolateral or equifacial, the epidermis is found at the both of outsides Fig. Common names are golden apple or Carniolan lily.