Geoffrey Firmin, a former British consul, has come to Quauhnahuac, Mexico. His debilitating malaise is drinking, an activity that has overshadowed his life. Bajo el volcán. Front Cover. Malcolm Lowry Las salidas del laberinto: cultura e ideología en el espacio nacional mexicano QR code for Bajo el volcán. Buy Bajo el volcan (Spanish Edition) by Malcolm Lowry (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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9789684112001 – Bajo El Volcan (Biblioteca Era) by Malcolm Lowry

It is and volcann world is almost at war. There are equivalent companions related to those who journeyed with Pilgrim at various points. Vigil had prescribed him a strychnine concoction which the Consul sips from continuously, all the while trying to resist the temptation to drink whiskey.

He is a British Consul living in Mexico beneath a volcano.

The book consists of twelve chapters, the first of which introduces the narrative proper and which is set exactly a year after the events. Vigil drink anisette at the Hotel Casino de la Selvaon a hill above Quauhnahuac an approximation of the Nahuatl name of Cuernavacaand reminisce on the Consul’s presence, exactly a year ago.

Each of the principal characters exposes their soul, yet motivations remain dim, much like the fetid cantinas and the dubious mescal.

So in an attempt at literary therapy I threw myself into Lowry, who satisfied my romantic needs on several levels. Pedestrian brains will find themselves winded and unnerved by the pyrotechnics. May 07, Matilda Lou rated it really liked it.

– Bajo El Volcan (Biblioteca Era) by Malcolm Lowry

Haz que me quede de veras solo para que pueda orar sinceramente. It contains what Conrad Aiken would later call “the horse theme,” so important in Under the Volcano. Even writing this volczn my head hurt, and I can see how it’s sort of a cliche that most people put it down after the first fifty pages.


Yet Under the Volcano does have a lot more to offer.

Not because it isn’t good. In fact, an affair between the two is alluded to in the chapter. Yvonne wants to leave from the start, and she soon suggests going to the fiesta before they board the bus to Tomalin.

Cover may not represent actual copy or condition available. I wonder if it is because tonight my soul has really died that I feel at the moment something like peace. Other than a yet incomplete reading of Everything and More, it’s malcllm mathsI had no insight, so her groan only prompted a question. View all 8 comments. I didn’t write a review first time around as it seemed ludicrous, as it does for certain great works – Ulysses, War and “Each time the armadillo ran off, as if on tiny wheels, the little girl would catch it by its long whip of a tail and turn it over.

Under the Volcano

The book was published in with Lowry’s subsequent death in attributed to asphyxiation after a night of heavy drinking. It opens with the inquest into Lowry’s “death by misadventure,” and then moves back in time to trace the writer’s life. In many cultures these people are the holy men, the Fakirs, the Sadhu or Sadhvi, the Arhat or Buddha.

When the Consul is having a conversation with his volcsn, half of the dialogue is made up or misheard by his need for a drink. The following eleven chapters happen in a single day and follow the Consul chronologically, starting early on the morning of the Day of the dead with the return of his wife, Yvonne, who left him the year before, to his violent death at the end of the day.


Under the Volcano, by Malcolm Lowry.

Bajo el volcan : Malcolm Lowry :

In the degeneracy, I saw Checkov and Friel, at times, as though the Consul symbolised the ending of an era; and in the romance, I could see a black and white Hollywood classic, reeling away. As they enter the garden of their house a pariah dog follows them in. Hemmingway, for me, never seems to explore his characters beyond the surface and I malcopm instantly bored and roll my eyes.

Then thirty pages later, he says, ‘Oaxaca meant divorce.

And though we know the time and place of action, in dialogues and flashbacks with Consul, Hugh and Yvonne, we wander around the voclan, traversing countries and cultures, their history, myths and poetry. Place Holder I read this in about If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Literary Addiction I first read Under the Volcano in Jul 18, Lyn rated it it was amazing.

Lodry all 10 comments. Lowry’s hyper-verbosity and use of stream-of-consciousness allows for, what I believe, one of the greater themes of the book to emerge so fully: Bookseller Completion Rate This reflects the percentage of orders the seller has received and filled.