Read hilarious stories with serious lessons that Michael Lopp extracts from his varied and sometimes bizarre experiences managing humans at many of the. Managing Humans Introduction Site. that while they might be great with bits. They still needed to figure out how to Manage Humans. Rands in Meadow. Source code for ‘Managing Humans’ by Michael Lopp. Contribute to Apress/ managing-humans development by creating an account on GitHub.

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To me, a new preface implies that something has both timeliness to it, but continues to have more to say.

I believe the topics we chew on on this oddly shaped corner of the Internet are increasingly important. Your email address will not be published.

Book review: Managing Humans by Michael Lopp | Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Geek

As with John, Managing Humans: I think you just have to have an account on Amazon. I was able to buy the 2nd edition of Managing Humans without any problem. Once you have registered your Kindle to a local Amazon website, I am not sure you can go lo;p to this though. So, about those embarrasing chapters… What were they, and why are they embarrasing? I ordered this from Amazon the day this post went up and its great!


I was michal disappointed in the printing and construction of the actual book.

There are all sorts of spacing and kerning errors in the type. None of this takes away from the quality of the content, but its a shame that managinb good book is marred by such poor construction.

Congrats on the new book! Always love your ideas — given the 30 minutes with each of your coworker question — I would love to hear your thoughts on really flat organizations — how do you do that when you have a team of 18 people? Can we have an article on the blog on what chapters you cut and why? Topics of note to this edition: Yes, like previous books, much of this work has already been seen on the blog, but I believe there is a substantive difference to reading these chapters as a collection rather than individually.

Many of the existing chapters have had yumans editing pass for both errors and clarity. The closing glossary had major editing surgery and remains one of my favorite sources of tweet-sized snark.


In related news, I am told that no one knows what a Rolodex is which I find disturbing. Lastly, several embarrassing chapters are simply gone — I will sleep better at night knowing these poorly shaped thoughts are no longer part of the book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. John 6 years ago. Just in case you know, when will this be available on Amazon UK? Ralph 6 years ago. Pierre Chapuis 6 years ago.

Kevin 6 years ago. Eli 6 years ago.

Managing Humans, 2nd Edition

Sam 6 years ago. Courtney Bolton 6 years ago. Charles Ying 6 years ago. Any estimate on when an iBooks version would be available? Alli 6 years ago. Adam Coffman 6 humns ago.

Snarky 6 years ago. Adam 6 years ago. As a fan of the 1st edition book I am also humabs what got cut. Patrix 6 years ago. The Kindle version is available on amazon.