Subscribing to Podcasts

Written by sven. Posted in preview

Until now uPod allowed you to add sub­scrip­tions by import­ing an OPML file. Now you can also flex­i­bly sub­scribe to new pod­casts sim­ply by using your web brows­er: Open your favorite podcast’s web­page, tap on the RSS link and android will pro­vide you the option to open the pod­cast in uPod.

This will bring up infor­ma­tion about the pod­cast and it’s lat­est episodes as shown in the screen­shot below. In this view you can sub­scribe to the pod­cast with one tap. For sub­scribed pod­casts the most recent ten episodes and all upcom­ing episodes are auto­mat­i­cal­ly deliv­ered to your uPod inbox. Or you can add sin­gle episodes to your library even with­out sub­scrib­ing to the pod­cast.

Fur­ther on uPod’s pod­cast view now also allows you to access old­er episodes of your exist­ing pod­casts.

In the next step I plan to imple­ment the down­load queue and the episode down­load.

A Podcast and it's Episodes