Subscribing to Podcasts

Written by sven. Posted in preview

Until now uPod allowed you to add subscriptions by importing an OPML file. Now you can also flexibly subscribe to new podcasts simply by using your web browser: Open your favorite podcast’s webpage, tap on the RSS link and android will provide you the option to open the podcast in uPod.

This will bring up information about the podcast and it’s latest episodes as shown in the screenshot below. In this view you can subscribe to the podcast with one tap. For subscribed podcasts the most recent ten episodes and all upcoming episodes are automatically delivered to your uPod inbox. Or you can add single episodes to your library even without subscribing to the podcast.

Further on uPod’s podcast view now also allows you to access older episodes of your existing podcasts.

In the next step I plan to implement the download queue and the episode download.

A Podcast and it's Episodes