uPod 2.0 brings Chromecast Support

Written by sven. Posted in features, releases

The lat­est and hottest release brings two major changes: Sup­port for chrome­cast and the a new tri­al mod­el. Lets focus on Chrome­cast sup­port as I’ve already report­ed about the new tri­al mod­el a few days ago.

Chrome­cast is a top sell­er and ama­zon — a tiny lit­tle HDMI stick for just about 40 bucks which you plug into your TV’s or AV receiver’s HDMI input port. In con­junc­tion with uPod you can now bring your favorite pod­casts to the big screen or to your music sys­tem. Once con­nect­ed to a chrome­cast stick, you can start and con­trol play­back from with­in uPod. All the great fea­tures like stor­ing the play­back posi­tion still work. So you can start your favorite pod­cast show on your mobile dis­play in the train and con­tin­ue play­back on your TV at home.

uPod 2.0 also brings some addi­tion­al tiny nifty fea­tures:

  • Option to use »Add to playlist« action as pri­ma­ry action for not down­loaded episodes
  • Pre­view image in video play­back view
  • Bet­ter play­back error han­dling
  • Lots of bug fix­es (includ­ing huge fixed mem­o­ry leak)