New Playback View

Written by sven. Posted in releases

New playback view

The latest uPod release brings a brand new playback view which focuses even more on the podcast’s colors and makes room for additional playback controls planned for future releases. Accessing the show notes from the playback view is a joy now: Tap on the show notes button in the bottom bar and they will slide up from the bottom (see screenshot below). Swipe them up to fill the screen. Swipe them down to dismiss them.

Sliding Show Notes

Some users complained about a change in the previous release where only the latest episode of a podcast is added to the “New” section, when subscribing to the podcast. This requires a lot of manual work to save all of a podcast’s episodes for later. That’s why I introduce a new action to save all unfinished episodes of a podcast for later. You can find it in the action menu when viewing the episodes of a podcast.

And for those who want to clean up there device’s storage I’ve introduced an action to immediately delete all episodes listed in the “Recently finished” section.

Here is the full change log:

  • New playback view with more color and sliding show notes
  • Volume gain indicator shows current gain
  • Action to delete all recently finished episode downloads
  • Menu action within a podcast to save all unfinished episodes for later
  • New icons for play list and download list