Version 1.7

Written by sven. Posted in features, releases

This release comes packed with productivity features. But first things first: Thanks to Dmitry Kyrov uPod is now available in Russian language!

The next big thing are the new filter sections in the navigation drawer: You can now easily browse unfinished downloaded episodes, audio episodes and video episodes. Not interested in one of them? No problem: Simply hide it in the user interface settings.

Another set of new user interface options allows you to specify which primary episode actions you prefer. The primary action is the one shown as a button on the right of an episode list item. Until now you needed to live with what we decided for you, now you can choose your preferred action (for example “Stream” instead of the “Download” button or “Download” instead of “Add” for new episodes). All actions are still available in the list item’s overflow menu (the three dots).

And even the tiny additional features will make your life easier:

  • confirmation dialog for clearing playback/download list
  • adding multiple selected episodes to playlist adds them ordered ascending by published date

And finally here is a screenshot showing the new filter sections and the stream button as primary action for not-downloaded episodes:
New uPod filter sections