uPod 4.4

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Until now uPod used the episode’s down­load URL to unique­ly iden­ti­fy an episode. For some pod­casts this result­ed in false new episodes, mean­ing that episodes appeared as new though you’ve already marked them as fin­ished. This was the case, when­ev­er the pod­cast pub­lish­er updat­ed the pod­cast feed and the down­load URL of old episodes changed.

Start­ing with uPod 4.4 episodes are iden­ti­fied by their GUID (glob­al unique iden­ti­fi­er), if the pub­lish­er assigns one and if the GUID is unique with­in the feed (which — unfor­tu­nate­ly — isn’t the case for all feeds). So episodes should no longer appear as new if you’ve already marked them as fin­ished.

This was a quite heavy change and the upgrade from the old mech­a­nism to the new one is a lit­tle bit tricky — espe­cial­ly in con­junc­tion with the cloud sync. That’s why — once you’ve updat­ed your first device — your oth­er devices still run­ning ver­sion 4.3 or ear­li­er will not be syn­chro­nized with your uPod cloud data, until you also update them.

Fur­ther on the new ver­sion brings a wiz­ard when start­ing uPod after the instal­la­tion which eas­i­ly allows you to restore your data from the uPod cloud if you are a pre­mi­um user. So migrat­ing to new devices is eas­i­er now.

And final­ly I’ve fixed the sync of the pod­cast vol­ume gain set­tings which has been reset to 0dB in pre­vi­ous releas­es.

Hap­py lis­ten­ing!