a “ Book of Common Prayer” today it is most likely that you would find it contained the lectionary approved by the Church of. England in within its. The Book of Common Prayer website. An “unofficial” site A Canadian site devoted to the study of the Prayer Book lectionary. Cambridge University Press. It may come as a surprise to some, but the Book of Common Prayer has not Rubrics have been changed, some services were dropped, the lectionary.

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For this reason, the Church of England lectionary always gives an alternative whenever a reading from the apocrypha is given. Previously, the rubric stated that the banns were to be read “three several Sundays or Holy-days, in the time of Divine Service, immediately before the Sentences for the Offertory Many Anglican Churches across the country still use the Book of Common Prayer for some of their services.

Having, over the years, built up a list that I think is accurate, I thought I’d post it here in case it saves anybody else spending more time than they need to.

In preparing a book related to the BCP lectionaries, this is a help. If anyone spots any errors, please let me know so that I don’t ask someone to read the wrong reading. Lasting Post A resource to help people address the very difficult subject of death, including making personal arrangements for use after your own death, and what to do when a loved one dies. It automatically determines the correct collects, lessons and Psalms for the day, based on the English lectionary.

Date Epistle Gospel Advent 1 Rom All three lectionaries are online. If you have a Gravatar account associated with the e-mail address you provide, it lectjonary be used to display your avatar.

Thankfully I found your post before doing all that work myself. We would follow the readings for the associated Sunday, and not for the saint’s day, so I’ve never looked those readings up. Finally, slight changes in the service for the Resoration of Charles II 29 May were necessary upon his death in ; again, both old and new versions are online The oaths of allegiance and supremacy were removed from the Ordination Services in ; however, pectionary Ordinal does not seem to have been commonly included in BCP’s until lectionayr that time.


Links – The Prayer Book Society

Click on the links to visit the sites, but please remember that the Prayer Book Society is not responsible for these sites, nor does inclusion in the list below imply any endorsement by the Prayer Book Society.

The Book of Common Prayer website An “unofficial” site maintained by a volunteer in the USA, Lynda Howell, containing the full texts of the Book of Common Prayer, available to search and lectionaty download in several different formats. The result is that as we come to pray together – either Sunday by Sunday or for a special occasion – the Bible leads us in prayer.

There is a confusing number lectipnary daily BCP lectionaries, the latest authorised is that of the improved version of about having surprisingly lost its authorisation but the SPCK prints only the CW daily lectionary. Prayer for the Royal Family, as printed lectionsry Baskerville in The oaths of allegiance and supremacy were removed from the Ordination Services in ; however, the Ordinal does not seem to have been commonly included in BCP’s until around that time.

It included more than readings from the Apocrypha and only a few from The Revelation! The ledtionary Dioceses have reciprocal links to the Prayer Book Society on their websites: Shorter forms of these prayers can also be found in the Litany; lectionaryy King or Queen is also mentioned by name in a number of other places in the Prayer Book.

Notify me when new comments are posted. I have not found an up-to-date list of suggestions for hymns to go with the BCP Holy Communion lectionary readings although my asking around has prompted the RSCM to consider producing one.

BCP Lectionary

You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. I searched for quite some time, and had almost resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to manually key in such a table and that being complicated by the fact that the source document does not show the verse range; only the beginning verse. Good to know that there are some other resources that give you a start at least. Thank you for posting this table. And, by any chance, do you know where the collects might possibly be entered in a table that could be cut-and-paste’d into Excel?


Yes, we have other authorised lectionaries, which include the OT. I think only a prayer book up to could strictly be called BCP. The BCP takes the Bible, and turns it into a prayer book. It was changed significantly inand then again in I’m not certain about these dates, but they should be close. The basic source for most of the other changes was Lynda Howell’s excellent and comprehensive BCP site.

The second and third paragraphs in the introduction to Holy Communion, dealing with the admision of communicants to the Eucharist, was replaced with a single paragraph, sometime in the ‘s. The introductory rubrics to the Baptism of those of Riper Years were extensively revised, sometime in the’s or so.

After the regular calendar for Sundays, the BCP lists collects, epistles and gospels for a number of days on which saints are remembered. The Pectionary contains within it two lectionaries tables of readings. Scripture references will be linked automatically to an online Bible. The thing that’s always struck me as odd is that in and indeed thereafter not until !

BCP Lectionary |

Thank you for this list. That is a good thing. Cranmer’s lectionary in the and books was based lectionay the civil rather than eccesiastical year. The first introductory rubric in the Private Baptism of Infants, urging prompt baptism of infants, was dropped sometime in the ‘s. Thanks lctionary doing so, and 16662 that extra work. Dear James, I have nicked your table and added columns to indicate where these readings appear in the lectionary given in Common Worship.

Merbecke’s Communion service setting Merbecke’s well-known setting of the Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion service is no longer readily available in print. The original, and current versions are all online. I was worried whether the Second Service lectionary makes for a good diet for that part of the congregation who never get to hear the Principal Service lectionary readings, maybe about half of the evening congregation.