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When the vehicle lighting is on, the head- lamps are also cleaned at appropriate inter- vals.

MINI manuals | library of motoring – An online collection of MINI information

The following only applies to vehicles owned and operated in the US. Please contact your MINI center for an appointment.

The central locking system can be oper- ated: R Reverse Select “R” only when the vehicle is completely stopped. Pull the lever at the inside of the seat 2. You can display the exterior tempera- ture and distance driven in other units of measurement.

Do not touch the glass portion of a new bulb with your bare hands since even small amounts of impurities burn into the surface and reduce the service life of the bulb. If the system is either defective or was switched off with the button, then the stabilizing applications described are no longer available.

Smallest turning circle 35 ft Page 12 Online Edition for Part No. System ownrr will be indicated by a continuous high-pitched tone when the system is activated the first time. Onboard Tool Kit The illustration shows an example of the tire change cloper. Park Distance Control pdc System malfunctions will be indicated by a continuous high-pitched tone when the system is activated the first time.


For this reason, any skin areas that come into contact with oil should be cioper washed with soap and water. Engine oil pressure Stop immediately. Airbags Do not attempt to remove the airbag restraint system from the vehicle. The correct wheel and tire combina- tion affects various systems that would otherwise be impaired, e. For this reason, it is possible that the features described in this Owner’s Manual could differ from those on your vehicle. Press and hold the button Changeover from hour to hour mode: The indicator lamp stays lit: Do not use leaded fuels.

Mini COOPER, COOPER S Owner’s Manual

To engage Coopfr automatically locks in position. Page of Go. Inflation pressures are on a sticker attached to the B-pillar and visible with the driver’s door open. Don’t show me this message again. Release the igni- tion key immediately when the engine starts. Engine exhaust, some of its constitu- ents, and certain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other woner harm.

The light goes on. To prevent injury in the event of an accident, close the glove compart- ment immediately mmini use. Do not continue driving, otherwise, the engine could be damaged because of inadequate lubrication. Make corrections in the longitudinal adjustment of the seat to ensure that the safety belt still fits firmly against your body.

Please contact your MINI center in these cases.

The tailgate opens slightly. Turn the steering wheel slightly to the left or right until the lock engages. Should this occur, respond by immediately reducing your speed.

Page 76 Online Edition for Part No.


Online Edition for Part No. After releasing the handle, apply pres- sure to the seat to ensure that the latch engages securely. Periods of immobilization in which the battery is disconnected are not taken into account by the display. Push the seat into the desired position 3.


Mini Cooper Owners Manual

It operates against the rear wheels. If you are not familiar with the guidelines, please have the operations performed by your MINI center. Page 68 Microfilter The microfilter removes dust and pollen from the incoming air.

Heating and ventilation operate as of posi- tion 1. In the luggage compartment under the floor mat. The indicator lamp also lights up in the event of a system malfunction. Editorial notice The manufacturer pursues a policy of continuous, ongoing development that is conceived to ensure that the MINI continues to embody the highest quality and safety standards combined with advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Even with PDC, final responsibility for estimating the distance between the vehicle and any obstructions always remains with the driver.

Initializing the system Only initialize the system if the inflation pressure, e. The correct seating position also works together with the safety belts and airbags to provide occupants with maximum levels of passive safety in an accident.

Coolant To avoid the possibility of damage later on, never use anything other than factory- approved, nitrite and amino-free extended- duty antifreeze with corrosion inhibitor.

Press both buttons at the same time for approx. Page Online Edition for Part No. In developing this vehicle, the manufac- turer has incorporated a number of options that your MINI center can program to reflect your individual preferences.

Do not attempt to remove or dismantle the steering wheel.

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