Honda s Owners Manuals · Honda s Owners Manuals · Honda s Owners Manuals · Honda s Owners Manuals. Honda S – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 10 Nov, by Somer. Model: Honda S File size: MB. Honda S Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Honda S Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Honda S Owners Manual.

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Read these labels caref ully. Set the temperature control to a comfortable setting. How to order manuals and other technical literature.

2006 Honda S2000 – Owner’s Manual (221 pages)

Driving with the parking brake not fully released can damage the brakes and tires. To register and manage your vehicle, visit ev.

Rear Window Def ogger. It reminds you and your passenger to f asten your seat belts. If you must sit in your parked vehicle with the engine running, even in an unconf ined area, adjust the heating and cooling system as f ollows: For more information, see page. Have your vehicle checked by your dealer.

Do not put any accessories on a seatbelt. If it comes on at any other time, it indicates a potential problem with your f ront airbags or automatic seat belt tensioners.


If they ownefs, they could be very seriously injured in a crash. A beeper sounds if you try to drive with the parking brake not f ully released. When the daytime running lights DRL are on, this indicator comes on with reduced brightness. This indicator has two f unctions: Helm Incorporated Important information about securing 2nd row seats properly. Replace the bulb as soon as possible, since other drivers cannot see that you are signaling. Dif f erences f or Canadian models are noted in the text.

They warn you of potential hazards that could cause serious injury. These manuals require a valid VIN and mailing address. If you do not fasten your seat belts before the beeper stops, the indicator stops f lashing but remains on.

Important Information About Airbag Recalls. These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed.

HONDA S2000 2006 2.G Owners Manual

This section gives inf ormation about the controls and displays that contribute to the daily operation of your vehicle. When you press the hazard warning button, both turn signal indicators blink. With the indicator on,theEPSisturnedoff,makingthe vehicle harder to steer. Avoid any enclosed areas or activities that manuao you to carbon monoxide. Check Fuel Cap Indicator.


Carbon Monoxide Hazard 40 Carbon monoxide gas is toxic. A beeper also sounds if you and your f ront passenger have not f astened your seat belts. Select a Honda Vehicle Enter the year and model to access manuals, manula, and warranty information.

A summary of information you need when you pull up to the fuel pump. The proper way to start the engine, shift the transmission, and park, plus towing a trailer. See pagef or inf ormation on operating the cruise control.

Honda S Owners Manual PDF

The vehicle is raised f or an oil change. This indicator comes on when you set the cruise control. The Maintenance Schedule shows you when you need to take you r vehicle to the dealer. Important Information About Airbag Recalls. You should have no problem with carbon monoxide entering the vehicle in normal driving if you maintain your vehicle properly. Warranty and Customer Relations U.