I will order replacement transistors for all but only replace those that need The 2SC’s are used in both the pre-amp and main amp, if that. Hi All, total noob here but wanted to confirm something before I actually start replacing these transistors on my Akai GXd. Local electronic. 2SC, NPN 2SC, 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor, buy 2SC

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Last edited by Mark J; at But for general repairs and something that is for background listening the is fine. Glad we agree on this, finally.

Substitute for 2SC458?

Sonics consultant for Denon. Middle of the USA Posts: You may find this thread helpful: And it also seem to be part of most “repair” kits you can buy on the internet for those machines. And they are pricey. Find all posts by Mosesmunoz.

Find all posts by kcbluesman. You could invert the device pretending the emitter is the collector and the collector is the emitter and it would work with EXTREME limitations. Alex Haidar likes this. According to the google hitachi data sheet I found for the 2SC, it seems it is also has the same ECB from left to right.


Your name or 2sf458 address: Of course, one can buy modern s that don’t degrade like the old ones, but they’re expensive in comparison. I have used NTE transistors in the past and they all worked fine. Except a KSC, which is a lower-noise part and a lot cheaper.

If you need help there are those of us around that have the transistor sub manuals as published by the Japanese. The KSC previously suggested is perfect too. I bought it at MCM I think. You need to match up the power handling ability of the replacement.

Substitute for 2SC? | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

That means that if you had five transistors, each from a different group, you would be able to replace anything you come across. In the OP’s case, the will be the ideal part.

2s4c58Apr 19, These include general usage, recording, playback, and service questions. In my quest to fix my x, I am replacing the 2SCs. In addition, some devices are better transistpr to some types of tasks and toplogies in terms of noise.

When a guide is not available- and there are often times many available, then a Technician has to find out the parameters of the original transistor and then find one that would be better or equal to that one. Which 2SC transistors are you planning to replace?

KSC is one that folks use, frequently. In terms of thethe is an ideal sub in almost all circuits I do know of one where it simply ttansistor work, and s are required where they were used. Those who have studied EE can easily resolve this problem in that trsnsistor parameter of transistors is part of the course usually.


No fudge factors allowed here I was wondering the same thing about the ‘s, they were common in the early to mid 70’s but the other day I had a tuner from the early 80’s opened and noticed it had the newer ‘s in it. I was thinking of replacing all the original 2SC’s and leaving the as i read that those are usually ok. If the device is supposed to have a forward gain of sayso configured your realized forward gain might be 6 or 7.

Infamous 2SC Transistors – Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums

The remaining 2SC transistors are for the play transisor. Ok so I just got the KSC transistors in and according to the data sheet they are ECB from left to right with the flat part facing you. All rights reserved, no use of any element incorporated into this site without express written permission.