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Zapala was not deslKn- ed for anything but English summer cruising and her lo-v celllnged rooms were a little warm In yesterday’s stifling heat.

April 5, to lulita the Cf. Hancock Sailing Friday Judge and Postrees. For another thing, there Is Truman’s absolute- ly rigid code, deriving in part from his days as a machine politician, which demands a relation- ship of unquestioning political loyalty, given and returned, between “the boss” and his subor- dinates.

One of Adolfos many interests Is painting. George Matthew and Mrs. Ro- bin Roberts, while the opposing Ruiz Vernaccl Members of the flower arrange- ment class presented Mrs.

Hope Colonel and Mrs. In my “ringside” seat I watched a Yak fighter plane atari chasing us. The big show today In each league will be right here in New York. At your next turn to play, you put the red three down and doq from the stock to replace It.

There had been a story confer- ence the night before and a group song to Humphrey Bogart for the ‘” ar-irln. Muylle, Cousin, and Spen- cer. The Batory will return, with its Soviet agents and propaganda Nor is this confusion on policy limited to the wai.


His hobby is using his money to j ave people from themselves.

Pincha aquí para ver una lista de canciones o bájate

Klein, to amend the Civil Service Retire- Figures made available by the Air Force Indicate the MIGs have made a fairly unimpres- sive showing during the five and one half month period they have been attacking United States planes.

Virgi- nia, and at their former home In Louisville, Kentucky. He served as principal and superin- tendent of schools In Missouri and Illinois about 15 years before coming to the Isthmus. Minnesota, have aban- doned their homes. Embassy had any word on the appoint- ment, but it was understood from other sources that Wiley has already been recommended for the post by the 8tate Depart- ment.

The proper Une has that chance plus the chance that West has the queen o dia- monds.

The Panama American

opstres Some of those changes have to do with red threes. Hb Constellation Bataan is scheduled to arrive at San Fran- cisco between 7: Cocktail Party to Honor Mr.

Philip, of Gatun, daughter. Lulfi Marianl; the Minister of Honduras. It has been operated for the Schools Divi- sion by Earl o. After that there was an- other sergeant to whom to Witt] farewell. Oat Nlxadarm from your drng- alat today. Fox no runs, one hit In two innings. Major concerns of devs while choosing a Linux distro for programming are compatibility, power, stability, and flexibility.


Distros like “easy-to-use” Ubuntu and. This item is only available as the following downloads: This is probably In retaliation for American press attacks on the closing of “La Prensa.

What happenea if you fail to put down a red three at your first chance to do so? It Is today, and the standard of living would have shown noneof the gains registered In the past three years.

No seams, no stitches, no chaf- J3 ing, no binding.

I Despite his youth, Hurtado After a screen test bv Warner, has a record of conviction and Brothers, he quit school and did subsequent six-month lmprlson- “8ay Youth” lor Frank Tul plstres. Struckout bv Blacklwell 3.