Jan 18, Brief Introduction To Circuits | Tags: A Brief Introduction To Circuit Analysis J.d. Irwin Wiley , A Brief Introduction To. Dec 5, Wiley: Brief Circuit Analysis – J. David Irwin Tags: A Brief Introduction To Circuit Analysis J.d. Irwin Wiley , A Brief Introduction To Circuit. Reference J.D. Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 7th ed., New York: Wiley, R.C. Dorf, Introduction to Electric Circuits, New York: Wiley,

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Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws.

Geometrical optics and Ray-transfer matrix: Sklar, “Digital Communication”, Prentice -Hall, Different aspects of load management; effects of load Management on reliability and on production cost.

Introduction to circuit breakers. Introduction to wind turbine generators Construction and basic characteristics of solar cells. Laws in magnetic circuits: Diagonalization by charge of variable. Time domain analysis of LTI systems: Ohm’s law and Ampere’s circuital law.

Independent Study 3 credits For students interested in any of the following ways of studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Classification of output stages, class A, B and AB output stages.


Introduction to relays, differential protection and distance protection. Cheng, “Field and Wwiley Electromagnetics”, 2nd ed. Optimization and synthesis of design procedures. Series and parallel circuits, voltage and current division, Wye-Delta transformation.

EEE Suggested Texts: Svoboda, “Introduction to Electric Circuits”, 6th ed.

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Laws in magnetic circuits: Nodal and mesh analysis including supernode and super mesh. Torque, counter emf, speed, torque-speed characteristics, starting and speed regulation. Commercial dimensions of networks: Web, WAP and other mark up.

Peter Whittle, “Probability”, Peguim Education.

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Three phase supply, balanced and unbalanced circuits, power calculation. Optical wave functions, wave equations, Maxwell’s equations in various media, energy flow and absorption. Application of Fourier analysis in Communication engineering, such as in multiplexing, modulation, sampling. Natural and step responses. Solution of 20033 field equations.

Differential equations – system representation, order of the system, solution techniques, zero state and zero input response, system properties; impulse response abalysis convolution integral, determination of system properties; state variable – basic concept, state equation and time domain solution. X based wired and wireless LANs. Practical chip design examples. Series and parallel resonance.

Circuit variables and elements: Methods of Measuring Properties: Crystallography – particle size determination and surface structure; microscopy; spectroscopy. Interconnect as key limiting factor, wire modeling, clock distribution of high speed system, power distribution, crosstalk and power distribution noise.


Brown, “Digital Computer Electronics”, 3rd ed. Reliability and yield, interconnects and delay, power dissipation and thermal issues, economics issues, active devices beyond CMOS, Si optoelectronic components. Different types of filters and specifications, transfer functions, realization of first and second order low, high and bandpass filters using Op-Amps.

Motivation for using optical methods in data transmission. Part I, Wiley, Switching surges intdoduction overvoltage caused by sudden loss of load and by open conductor.

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AC-DC load flow studies. Economic operation of power system-economic operation of thermal plants, combined thermal and hydro-electric plants. Why wavelets, subband coding and multiresolution analysis? Crystal structure and lattice vibrations; energy bands, reciprocal space, effective masses, Fermi surfaces, localised particles e. Compatibility, scalability, interlaced tools, profiles and levels.