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Because it is timely and urgent, crisis communication demands speed, especially in gathering facts, meeting deadlines and sending messages strong kairos.

Calaméo – PCTS 6_

The crisis communication strategies emphasize the future and how things will improve for the organization and its stakeholders. What unite the feminist rhetoric are the protest and the opposition towards the standard rhetoric dominated by men in the field of rhetoric.

The organization grows from a crisis — it finds a new direction and purpose. The rising number of BA and MA programs in communication science is one of the signs for professionalization.

The articles in the Linguistics and Communication section focus on linguistic creations in the economics terminology and journalistic articles, and on the influence of one language German over another Romanian. In and she was Director of the Thomas R. Another important consideration for using kairos involves the specific arguments that are currently circulating about a particular issue.

Journalistic positions were filled by professionals coming from various backgrounds, with no journalistic education and who acquired knowledge regarding their job mostly through hands-on experience. Theory, Practice and Criticism 1, 1. Science Communication between News and Public Relations.

Her PhD cnicea focused on improving communication and information on European Funds. The Hubble Telescope is presented as a main character and superstar, having unique characteristics which allowed it to reach outstanding performances. Conclusion The rhetorical theory proves to be extremely relevant in devising and implementing a communication strategy in crisis situations.

Three of them are public, while q the others are private and commercial. In order for an individual to be part of a rhetorical audience or for a group of people to function as a rhetorical audience, they must manifest a certain degree of attention and a willingness to entertain the advocate’s arguments or proposals. As Occidentals we institutionalized, we made official the practices of Greek rhetoric, or at least a certain perspective: Her research interests include media communication, advertising and new media.


This can be explained by the fact that the size of the community influences the administrative capacity of the communities. Types of interactions in physical, social and fola spaces We can distribute the types of interaction onto a continuum from total absence of interaction in physical, social and virtual spaces to a total interaction in all three spaces.

This need for speed is so overarching that it influences characteristics of crisis communication. It subverts value distinctions, challenges our habitual ways of expressing ourselves, and denies the superiority of rationalist, linear logic. Zen rethoric as a special multicultural communication may be conceived as a different method of using language to build meaning and to develop relations. It consists of a model that has at its core a history of rhetoric that traces its roots back to Ancient Greece.

She teaches theory of communication, semiotics, and non-verbal communication.

And arguments about policy have usually — though not always — accepted conjecture, definition, and value. The articles in the Professional Communication section present the emergence of institutionalized Romanian education and research in the field of Communication Science, results of research into genres of political and PR communication, reflections on new media and virtual interactions, rhetoric, legal aspects of communication, art communication and advertising.

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IRT was not developed specifically for crisis communication, but it fits very well, since a crisis is a reputation threat. Thus, in the virtual social space the only un-real fictive component is the physical closeness. Conclusions The above presented results indicate that the social distance in the virtual space does not keep the models from the effective reality. This can be illustrated, for example, in the way in which the slogans are conceived and presented to the general public Sergiu, Many of the theories that build the theoretical framework of communication science were developed by American sociologists.

The last one is formed and functions according to other rules than the physical ones Ilie This anniversary offered the ideal occasion for the construction of a dynamic project, Hubble 15th Anniversary, which led to the creation of cultural products and events to consolidate the public image of the Agency.

Fact is that, in the private television business, there were and still are no definite laws to protect reporters, producers and engineers and their jobs as there are no regulations for editorial, financial or artistic operations of such stations. He answered very kindly, offering us new information and advice related to the preparation of some of the oolong teas we ordered and insisted on telling us that the preparation of tea resides in gestures, in elegance, in the sensibility of each consumer and the particular relationship he or she establishes through the cup with the tea leaves.


The mix between the principles of popular culture and the Public Understanding of Science PUS movement represents the theoretical foundation of an active and efficient communication strategy, intended for the promotion of a positive attitude among the public towards the opportunities of scientific research.

He teaches IR Theory and International Communication and publishes intensively analyses and forecasts on international media relations.

PCTS 6_2013

The Western rhetoric tradition, as seen by Kennedy, mainly built by men, fjola the European and American citizens to consider the discourse based on arguments as a main fundament of rhetorical discourse.

One of the causes for this is demography, since Romania reported low birth rates starting with the 90s. Bob Fosbury, researcher fiolla ESA, is the narrator of the film. Unfortunately, professional performance has not always been the rule of the day, especially when accountants had to come in first and wave their reports in front of the media outlets owners.

Conclusions Argumentative or non-argumentative rhetoric influences human relations in general.

That has become the point where the general term of media no longer covered the diverse and disunited professional congregation. On the one hand, media change rapidly.

Thus, a strong theoretical background for the new science emerged. The genre verisimilitude of scientific documentaries on subjects of physics and astronomy is achieved through the support offered by the science-fiction film. All our thinking, science and implicitly civilization lie on these logical principles.

In this regard, cineca in the field of communication science was developed closer to the needs of the market but further efforts are required to maintain the viability of jobs in the years to come. One can foila at a given point of stasis, or one can try to rephrase the question at another stasis.

One of the main questions to be discussed is whether Communication Science is rather part of social sciences or part of the humanities.