This paper compares the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and Axiomatic Design (AD). Both AD and TRIZ are briefly reviewed and their possible . Abstract: Axiomatic design (AD) and theory of inventive problem solving of the differences and similarities between AD and TRIZ. 2 Review of AD and TRIZ. reviewing the use of axiomatic design (AD) within a TRIZ framework and making based on application similarities and differences found in the literature.

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A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic DesignThe Triz Journal

It states there is always an uncoupled design that involves less information than a coupled design. Symmetrical parts promote symmetry in the manufacturing process. Tags axiomatic comparison design. However, TRIZ abstracts the design problem as either the contradiction, or the Su-field model, or the required function realization. When a given set of FRs is changed by the addition of a new FR, or substitution of one axiomatiic the FRs by a new one, or by selection of a completely different set of FRs, the design solution given by original DPs cannot satisfy the new set of FRs.

Substance trlz analysis is a TRIZ analytical tool for building functional model for problems related to existing or new technological systems.

A Comparison of Triz and Axiomatic Design – Semantic Scholar

During the mapping process, one should not violate the independence axiom described above. Axiom 1 independence axiom: The addition of a new FR, or substitution of one of the FRs by a new one means the previous system is an inefficient Su-field model, i. To use these tools, one identifies based on the model obtained in Su-field analysis the class of a particular problem and then chooses a set of Standard Solution accordingly.

Fey and Eugene I. Decouple or separate parts or aspects of a solution if FRs are coupled or become interdependent in the proposed design.

The way they generalize a specific situation is to represent a problem as either a contradiction, or a substance-field model, or just as a required function realization. When the design matrix is triangular, the independence of FRs can guarantee if the DPs are changed in a proper sequence, and this design is a decoupled design.

Not only should the shape be symmetrical wherever possible, but hole location and other features should be placed symmetrically to minimize the information required during manufacture and use. Minimize the number of functional requirements and constraints.

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Submit an Article Contact us. However, mere physical integration is not desirable if it results in an increase of aciomatic content or in a coupling of functional requirements.

It states that a good design maintains the cokparison of the functional requirements. There are eight patterns and each pattern consists of several sub-patterns or lines [9]. But where this idea could be found? These analytical tools do not use every piece of information about the product where the problem resides.

Axiom 2 information axiom: Since it becomes increasingly difficult to manufacture a product as the tolerance is reduced, more axiomativ is required to produce parts with tight tolerances. The dwsign process usually consists of several steps as follows [1] [3] [8]. TRIZ focus its studies on inventive problem solving, so it compariison less attention to the standardization and interchangeability of physical components.

Axiomatic design is a general methodology that helps designers to structure and understand design problems, thereby facilitating the synthesis and analysis of suitable design requirements, solutions, and processes.

A given set of FRs must be successfully mapped to a set of DPs in the physical domain prior to kf decomposition of the FRs. The probability of success is the function of both the design range that the designer is trying to satisfy, and the capability of the proposed solution, which is called the system range.

Interchangeable parts allow for the reduction of inventory, as well as the simplification of manufacturing and service operations, i. This corollary states that functional independence must be ensured by decoupling if a proposed design couples the functional requirements. The basic premise of the axiomatic approach to design is that there axiomatlc basic principles that govern decision making in design, just as the laws of nature govern the physics and chemistry of nature.

In this case, enhancing Su-field model is required to improve the system functions.

Corollary 3 states that the number of physical components should be reduced through integration of parts without coupling functional requirements. In TRIZ standpoint, a challenging problem can be expressed as either a technical contradiction or a physical contradiction. ARIZ is a step-by-step methodwhereby, given an unclear technical problem, the inherent contradictions are revealed, formulated and resolved.

ARIZ is such a sophisticated analytical tool that it integrates above three tools and other techniques. So, certain changes of the physical structure of a technological system guided by Contradiction Table and 40 Inventive Principles or Separation Principles are often required to remove contradiction, deeign restatement of the problem may sometimes help to overcome contradiction. The corollaries and theorems, which are direct consequences or are derived from the axioms, tend to have the flavor of design rules.


The four-domain structure is schematically illustrated in figure 1.

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The number of plausible solutions for any given set of FRs depends on the imagination and experience of the designer. In the product design, the creation or synthesis phase of design involves mapping the FRs in the functional domain to design parameters DPs in the physical domain. Typically, a function represents some action toward a certain objects, and this action is performed by another object. Decoupling does not necessarily imply that the system has to be broken into two or more separate physical parts, or that a new element has to be added to the existing manufacturing system design.

IFR helps an engineer to focus on concepts that minimize requirements in substance, energy and complexity of engineering product and process. No corresponding tools are found in TRIZ. TRIZ analytical tools, which include ARIZ, substance field analysis, contradiction analysis and required function analysis, are used for problem modeling, analysis and transformation.

Any problem solving process involves two components: Special parts should be minimized to decrease cost. These Standard Solutions are separated into five classes according to their objectives; the order of solutions within the classes reflects certain directions in the evolution of technological systems.

This means that two or more dependent FRs should be replaced by one equivalent FR. This pattern states that technological systems tend to develop first toward increased complexity i.

In the process design, a set of process variables PVs is created by mapping the DPs in physical domain to the process domain. A and Suh N.

The FR-to-DP mapping takes place over a number of levels of abstraction. Corollary 7 Uncoupled Design with less Information Seek an uncoupled design that requires less information than coupled designs in satisfying a set of FRs.