A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub This book reveals the mystery behind dreams and out-of-body experiences, and provides the tools to. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams (一个星体之游及梦课程) by Belsebuub is now available as an ebook in Traditional Chinese, on our. The first course organized by subject that was run on the original website was Belsebuub’s free introductory course covering a variety of topics.

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I would recommend using it as the author suggests, taking the course a week at a time. There are already a number of articles there that are either straight from the book or are very much based on it. Again, if you are experienced with esoteric techniques, you may have your own that are embedded in your subconscious and which you do automatically without giving it much conscious thought.

Refresh and try again. A very useful practice that Belsebuub gives is a mantra to remember dreams. For the Astral Travel and Dreams course, this was especially motivating as students were sometimes able to meet in the astral and later verify the meeting either in the center or through chat rooms or forums.

Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. It begins with some popular exercises for relaxation, focus, concentration, and visualization. Visit our Help Pages.

If anyone said to me they wanted to learn how to astral project I would say read this. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? This was absolutely amazing. This book is actually a big surprise for any spiritually minded person. You can order it here.

These courses were given online and in person in study groups in eight countries across several continents before the spiritual school closed in – He is the founder and coordinator of the global metaphysical school Gnosticweb. After reading this book and following it with the online course I had my first conscious obes since being a child.

This book takes the reader through a series of purposeful exercises to increase concentration, focus, and awareness. In plain and simple language it outlines the steps to take to achieve conscious Astral projection and guides the student towards their own personal experiences. I found the book to be extremely clear and detailed, but focusing on what is essential for someone to learn to experience astral travel for themselves. It also includes a bonus dream symbol and numbers guide to help with interpreting dreams.


A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams was a bestseller in its genre at the largest metaphysical book shop in Australia for many years.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams – Remembering The Gnostic Movement

It is really quiet mystical to experience this all belsebuib it bring this sense of wonder in your life of what more is out there. Further, the book is organized well. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Belzebuub has included a bonus dream symbol guide to interpret your dreams.

The nine week Astral Travel and Dreams course covered a variety of topics related to the process of astral projection, including:. Based on my experience, if the person who asked the belsebuyb truly believed in what he belsebub he believed in and what was drrams important travvel him, he would’ve never asked that question to begin with.

Hi Mahdi, you are right. Aug 13, Jenny rated it it was amazing. One of the key benefits to the interactive, practice-based structure of the astral course whether taking the course online or in a study center was that people were able to gain insight and momentum by trying out the exercises together and hearing how other people approached them and what they experienced.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I am very thankful personally that this course has given me the opportunity to do just that Mark H Pritchard was born in Wales and now lives in Trzvel. I have read the majority of this title, and I appreciate it for its brevity and simplistic approach to Astral travel and dreams. This replicated the classroom environment as best as possible given the online format.

Many techniques for the actual projection are given, as well as useful exercises that can be done during the day to increase our chances of successfully projecting. Belzebuub writes that it is the development of consciousness that enables courxe spiritual experience. Also, the book explains about the nature of nightmares and bad dreams, and focuses on how to deal with negative influence in the astral.


Also, it’s worth mentioning it looks as though it will be released as a free eBook in the future. This book has the most clear and easy to belsebub instructions about astral projection of all the books I’ve read on astral projection. This book also teaches how we can use our conscious astral experiences and dreams to gain self-knowledge and type of knowledge we otherwise have no ways of getting in the physical plane.

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This book guides you step by step through preliminary exercises and through several techniques for belsebubu travel. Share your thoughts with other customers.

So one morning, I did 2 exercises that were taught in the book: An 8 Week Course book but they both do give interesting methods for what it’s worth. His work is oriented around practical exercises for gaining spiritual knowledge. This author really knows what he’s talking about. Personally I think it has all the information anyone would ever need.

Thus, the reader gradually learns how to have an astral experience assuring that the experience can be successfully replicated and that such experiences will not be negative or frightening. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is a compilation of the weekly course material for the Astral Travel and Dreams coursewhich Belsebuub originally wrote in It also provides all the essential information cohrse beginner needs to know about the Astral plane and its connection to dreams.

That was back inso this might not apply anymore.

He gives the information in a clear, straightforward way, and he also gives insight into common obstacles and how to persevere.