Rutz, Carol. A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on our Children and. Other Innocent People. Library of Congress. A Nation Betrayed. The Chilling True Story. of. Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on our Children. and. Other Innocent People. by Carol Rutz. To inquire. Carol Rutz was one of the *child* victims of the MKULTRA and related government “behaviour modification” programs. While A Nation Betrayed does contain.

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A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed On Our Children And Other Innocent People

In Containing Communism, Mr. Excerpts of key articles Food Corruption: The General Accounting Office testified that between andthe Army released radioactive compounds in cities to study betaryed effects.

Lilly describes the technique of electrode implantation. It seemed like most were younger than I. These rooms should be on the second floor of any house. Can we use SI and H to combat fatigue, produce extreme mental effort?

Swartz black in GermanFather Joseph, or Vaterchen daddy when he did their programming. At any time he desired, the investigator could palpate the scalp and find the location of each of the [previously planted via drilled holes] sleeve guides [through the experimentee’s skull].

Mahnaz Rezai marked it as to-read Apr 28, History of mind control Washington Times: It was designed to study the use of biological and chemical materials in altering human behavior. They, in turn, found ways of blackmailing certain of these politicians, doctors, and scientists, so that they could natjon and manipulate some of the experiments. It was being tested for its safety and efficiency.

When the amnesiac barriers are removed, it is like putting the needle back on the track of the record where the original memory is stored. I have been able to do this, but this is not easy and requires a great deal of time and effort, but I believe that almost any hypnotic control can be detected and broken if sufficient time and a careful psychological approach are used.


The strength and courage it has taken to break the hold these men had on my mind, and not react to this suicide programming, is a clear indicator of the beauty of the spirit that lay within each of us. On May 16, s, President Clinton apologized to the survivors and families of hundreds of men used in this research project.

When he stopped playing, they stopped shocking; or when he played, they craol, according to which rules he used that week!

A Nation Betrayed

Most of the important details were conveniently destroyed to conceal their wrongdoing. General Hospital for intensive care. When he wasn’t torturing one of us kids, he stood on the ground with Dr. This is the story of someone you know-your neighbor, your classmate, your brother or sister, your mother or father.

Many survivors have identified Josef Mengele as using the aliases Dr. Key article excerpts Sea Mammal Use and Abuse: GMO risks to health Cancer Cure?

For reasons unknown, this document is not included in the mind control CDs, but you can read the entire text of this document at this link. In addition, the house should be of sufficient size to contain living quarters for guards. After withdrawing the needle, the investigator placed a sharp electrode in the track made by the needle and pressed the electrode through the scalp, through the skull, through the dura, and down into the substance of the brain itself to any desired depth.

Swartz black in GermanFather Joseph, or Vaterchen daddy when he did their programming. For an excellent discussion of this topic on George Washington University’s National Security Archive website, click here. Key article excerpts Global Warming: The CIA had refused to acknowledge the existence of these records up, not unlike their continued denial of many other things until they are faced with irrefutable evidence from outside sources.

Your hard earned tax dollars supported this. Both the voltage and the number of shocks administered were greatly increased. Yes, I have several methods for detecting this and if I see you again, I will go over them in detail with you.


Cameron, a [taped] voice gave me trigger codes for self-destruction.

A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz

Do you think that this system would be useful in obtaining information from a recalcitrant, obstinate, and entirely uncooperative individual? I work as a deleted and I work continuously with all types of patients at deleted. The implementation of standards and practices to stop any current abuses and to place a moratorium on human mind control experimentation and any experimentation on unwitting or uncomprehending human subjects.

Furthermore, caeol these lines, a good hypnotist running hypnotic shows for entertainment acrol pick up a great many subjects, some of whom might be exceptionally good subjects for us.

Can we “alter” a person’s Personality? Genetic research was indeed one of the major interests of Dr. When Bobby Kennedy toured this institution carool September of he said, “At Willowbrook we have a situation that borders on a snake pit: According to Cockburn, Carver Village, which was exclusively black, was the target for these experiments.

Saul Krugman of New York University conducted studies of hepatitis at the Willowbrook State School, an institution for the severely mentally retarded. A part of Book 1 of the Church Committee Report is available at the above website through the farol link in the section titled “A Critique. The Agency arranged with Grandfather to start my sexual training in Excerpts from key articles Prof.

See Volume 4, 3 April-May for the first half of the interview.

Inquiries to Carol Rutz at casey dmci. It has been estimated that at least half, and perhaps as many as 80 percent of the imported specialists were former Nazi party members. Attached is an outline of some research projects we are considering in connection betraye Project Artichoke.